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N.O.P.D. Most Crooked of All




Yeah, I was watching CNN the other day when that came up.

I couldn't believe my eyes... well, I could, but I didn't want to believe it.


Hmm, cropped up on the BBC. Not what New Orleans needs. I wonder if this is common accross a lot of police forces and it would be found anywhere if the spot light was on them like it is on that city or if its just an unhappy coincidence.


i live in upstate ny and my brother got beaten down(not to that severity) but sustained injuries due to cops...and it was over basically nothing,so yes it does happen everywhere.


NOLA is the most corrupt city in the U.S. I don't understand what is so suprising about a corrupt city having a corrupt police dept.

And the taxpayers are getting bilked for $52b to rebuild this shithole.

That is what is suprising.


It is on the news over this side of the planet too. From what I heard the cop said to the reporter, it seems like he lost it after all these disasters. I am not familiar with American's police culture, but I hope this is not a common practice.

geek boy


Geez, that's disturbing footage. The troubling thing too is that you can tell in the beginning the officer on horseback is trying to shield off the camera. And in terms of the officer throwing the newsguy up against the car... I am sure the cops in New Orleans are more than a little on edge due to circumstances over the last few weeks, but it's inexcusable. Period. The day we start letting things like this slide is a dark one indeed. Being a cop has gotta be one of the toughest jobs I can think of (my GF's dad is a state trooper), but inherent in the job is being able to hold yourself to a higher standard of conduct.


My take on it is, this may be why the circumstances over the last few weeks even took place. Over 90% of Houston evacuated due to hurricane Rita and there was none of the looting and robbery that occured in New Orleans. Yes, some of it is because there are many poor people in NO who have and had nothing. However, some of that footage had cops in the stores doing the same.


I saw a teammate get beaten by the cops in VA over a case of mistaken identity.

With a video camera he probably would have sued the police department for a fortune.

Instead he was arrested and fined.

This shit happens everywhere.

I wonder what set the cops off. It looks inexcusable.


When people visit here, I give them a few pieces of adivice. These are mostly specific to the French Quarter and downtown.

One, Never wander off with a stranger you meet in the French Quarter.

Two, walk away from all possible fights. If someone is starting shit, leave and go somewhere else.

Three, Don't fuck with a New Orleans cop! You had better yes,sir and no,sir your way out, and do everything you can to avoid going to the Orleans Parish Jail.

On another note,

Have you heard or seen where some NOPD officers broke into a downtown dealership and stole approx 200 new Cadillacs?

Some of the first film footage showing officers driving the stolen cars was aired on local news last night. Unreal.


You're correct, however you are comparing Apples and Oranges.


Is'nt this same thing common with NZ Police and the Maori population? Not saying it's right, just thinking that NZ police have had similar bad publicity from beating Maori people.


Cops have a difficult job. I am not excusing these men, I don't even like cops, but it is not a job I am envious of and these situations only help to erode an already tenuous relationship between law enforcement and the rest of us.


I'm sure they don't like you either...(eye roll)


He is right on. You do not want to do anything to anger a N.O. cop. They have always been know to be rough and ruthless when confronting a suspect of any crime or infraction. They don't give a shit about anyone. They will beat you and slam you in jail for any reason they deem. And it's not a racial thing either. They will fuck up ANYONE that crosses them. They can be worse than the actual thugs and theives that are in N.O.


ZEB is purely incapable of questioning authority. Even when that authority is clearly out of control. Poor little fella.


If that is the routine for arresting a drunk in new orleans, I am surprised that the violence wasn't worse after Katrina.

In my earlier years, I can remember a cop laughing at me for being drunk in public. But if 4 decided to try and kill me, I might be a little resentful.

And comes chaos like post Katrina, I wonder if I would be thinking, should I pull together and help the cops, or nows my chance to get even.


Remember, thugs were shooting at police as they tried to help people throuout the city. So it would appear many took the chance to get even. We have a special breed of thug here. If you were a cop here for a few years, beating a couple thugs would probably not seam so bad. The 63 year old man in the video is no thug and there is no excuse for his treatment.


According to the news, he also wasn't drunk.


(eye roll again)
Doesn't this problem arise due to who the cops don't like?