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N.O. Explode + Atro-Phex + Syntha 6


I have been using BSN’s Syntha 6 and NO Explode (right before workouts) for a while but just bought a box of Atro Phex to shed fat and tighten muscle. Because two of them have a lot of caffeine, I take it it’s not the best idea to take them together.

Normally I take Syntha 6 in the morning and after a workout and NO Explode 5 min before my workouts (usually around 6pm). I have been taking Atro Phex first thing in the morning but if anyone has experience stacking these I would appreciate reccomendations.


You can drop the NO-XPLODE. It’s all shit. I don’t know anything about the other products though.

NO Explode gives me a boost when I take it…I’ve heard it’s different for many people. I’m used to Red Bull and all that when I go out/drink, so my body is used to caffeine. I am trying not to overload on caffeine though.

no xplode is crap gave me the runs
I still have a tub of the rassberry stuff

the syntha 6 is a lovly protein I loved the strawberry
you should try Biotest’s products they are actually much better and at better price

One brand used to give me the runs like no tomorrow…yet none of BSN’s products does (and that’s saying a lot considering my stomach). I’ll look into Biotest once I finish these 3.

if your looking for a boost in the gym while trying to shed lbs; HOT-ROX (HRX) is the f8cking best thing. i too have had quite a bit of red bulls; and the don’t do much for me now…but HRX is outstanding to take first thig in the morning on an empty stomach…WHOOSH!!! AWAKE adn ready to rock!

no explode sucks.

[quote]B rocK wrote:

no explode sucks.[/quote]

not to mention they’re an unethical fuckin company that lies about their ingredients.

No-xplode gave me the worst gas/explosive shits I have ever experienced outside of 1 case of extremely bad food poisoning I had years ago. I tried to take it every which way I could and the results were the same - mad dash to the can and hold on for dear life. After that experience - and finding out how many others had similar experiences - I have trouble trusting BSN.

If you like the rush you get from no-xplode, save some $ and just use 2 Spike tabs. best pre-training supplement I have ever tried!

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
B rocK wrote:

no explode sucks.

not to mention they’re an unethical fuckin company that lies about their ingredients.[/quote]

Kinda makes me wonder why they are so big. It’s like Kia making a supercar, would you buy that just because the ads said it was faster than a Lambo?

Ok, BCS sucks, and NO Explode gives everyone diarrhea. Given the facts, I’m not going to throw them away so how can I stack weight management pills, NO and protein shakes to get the best results?