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N. Korea

 You know it's coming. The US and S. Korea will win this war over time. The issue in question is what's the cost - and there's a reason why Bush has been very low key about pyong yang (or whatever the dickwad is named).

  The estimates are N. Korea, in an atempt to discourage our military, will try and kill us soldiers stationed at the border as fast as possible. He will then target japan's US military bases - to let them know they better not support us or there's more coming. he will use his nuclear weapons, and the main victims will be s. korean civilians and  both us and s.korea military. While all this is done, his very strong armed forces will advance into s.korea, where they will supposedly outnumber s.korean forces - before the marines, navy, or army has a chance of being deployed which could be up to two weeks after the begginning of war.

  THAT'S the intial cost of the war - war analysts estimate 1 million deaths.

  Once this initial blow is over, the US will quickly advance and with the help of south koreans, they will overpower n korea - especially in the air, as '90% of N Korea's air force is obsolete and dates as far back as 1950s. Their military tanks are obsoleted as well, and are no match whatsoever to our powerful ones. 

  N Korea also has an untested missile capable of reaching the us pacific coast.

  All in all, there is no doubt whatsoever that the US will win this war. The point in question, which is why bush is being low key, is: is this a price too big to pay to win this war?

I hate to break this to you, but Pyongyang is the name of a CITY, not a person…

The thing that gets me is its so easy to see that guy is nutts, but his people follow him like a god. Cant wait to nuke em!!!

I would’ve thought this is more of an issue than Iraq…

It seems that N.Korea might have plans to attack whereas Saddam isn’t so much…

Might be completely wrong but there we go…


I have several friends I was in basic training with who are now in S. Korea. I was there for two weeks in 1997 while in the reserves. When you go there, the officers give you this nice little speech about how you are there to die. We maintain a tripwire force that is too small to put up a real fight, but big enough to gaurantee that the U.S. people will support S. Korea once 38,000 Americans have been slaughtered. It was a very chilling experience for me. I haven’t been able to get ahold of a couple of friends that are there now, but I think about them daily.

We tried once to take care of these barbarians and we failed. These sorts of problems never go away, they just fester. They’re animals, plain and simple. You’ll run out of bullets before you kill them all and then you’ll use your bayonet and when that breaks you’ll throw your helmet and then you’ll fight with our hands and still they’ll be coming.

The price to win a war with these fuckers is high, but the price will have to be paid at some point, I am convinced. I think Bush knows that South Korea will be overun in the opening days and weeks of a war and he’s willing to pay that price. Like you said, the tide will turn, but in the beginning, the cost will be tremendous.

A far, far more volatile situation than that of Iraq.

To give my answer to why Bush is so low key is this:

We now have over 300,000 troops ready to take out saddam. We have at least 5 aircraft carriers, along with a huge amount of artillery, tanks, etc. at the ready. Which is exactly why N. Korea is being such a pain in the ass right now. The pussies know we’re distracted, and are taking full advantage of it.

Bush, rather than aggravate the situation now, would rather wait until we can direct our focus entirely on N. Korea. It’s a far more complicated effort, especially with China involved, and we need as many resources as possible available to us.

My hope is that China, and other neighbors friendly to N. Korea, can apply enough pressure to them to force them to reconsider their current stance.

That hope is pretty slim, though.

The idea that scares me is that N. Korea is just waiting for the starting of things in Iraq to make their move. Winning a war on two fronts will take a lot of allies, as did WWII.

Brider said “Winning a war on two fronts will take a lot of allies, as did WWII.”

How true. Fortunately, it won’t be near as hard to garner support from other nations to quell N. Korea’s actions. They are a distinct, inarguable threat to many nations.

I agree with brider on this one. If they are going to attack us why not do it when most of our millitary is busy in iraq.

mamann said:
Fortunately, it won’t be near as hard to garner support from other nations to quell N. Korea’s actions.

While this is true, I’m thinking that the ally nations against N. Korea would put forth an ultimatum: cease actions against Iraq, or I’m not gonna play with you.

Here’s the thing with N Korea. All they are doing is playing political BS war games w/ the United States. Like mamann says we have 300,000 troops over surronding Iraq. As soon as we get do destorying Iraq N. Korea will pipe down.

If anything Iraq will be a easy message to all the other countries. Saying “don’t f*ck with us” or will bring down the heat on you…

Brider is right –

What I would look out for is N. Korea ramping up their production of plutonium through their nuclear reactors as soon as anything starts in Iraq. Not a pretty thought, especially given we’re fairly certain they have missles capable of reaching Hawaii, Alaska and California.

And Washington State, BB.

Scary stuff indeed.

All I can say is Kim Jung Il is crazier than Kim Il Sung (the daddy). Pyongyang, BTW, is the capital of N. Korea. If N. Korea were to attack S. Korea, Seoul will be taken within days (during the last Korean War, it took 3 days for the N. Korean troops to occupy Seoul and beyond). Seoul is very very close to the border and very vulnerable. It also has the most of S. Korean population.

Once Seoul’s occupied by N. Korea, the rest will be pretty easy since there isn’t whole lot to fight over. There are a handful of semi-big cities, and Pusan. That’s it.

Believe it or not, the war’s not over between N & S Koreas. No peace treaty was signed. The misguided South Korean youth believe that N Koreans are their friends or something, and they’re very much anti-American right now due to the some stupid things that American tropps did. I can see their point of view, but at the same time can’t help but wonder at their priority and intelligence level or lack thereof.

With that said, Kim Jung Il knows his country’s screwed up. It has no money and very little food. So he has to put pressure somehow to finance his regime in order to survive. If he can’t do that, and if he thinks he’ll lose the control of N. Korea, he’ll think that he has nothing to lose by attacking US, esp. now that we pissed off several of our allies by insisting on bombing Iraq.

BTW – Kim Jung Il and his dad were the ugliest SOB’s I’ve ever seen.

Maybe the recent move of several B-52’s and B-1’s to Guam is an indication of what the admin is planning to do…nuke 'em and get it over with?