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N. Korea Gives Up Nuclear Abitions


( i think there's a similar article on www.ap.org. )

Looks like N. Korea has finally given up on making Nukes for now. They seem to have pushed the envelope for heavy concessions by the U.S. and other nations. Namely free electricity from us so that they won't have to have a nuclear reactor.

Good news. Although they did say that they would stop building nukes they didnt say what would happen w/ their current -- probably < 10 usable --stockpiles. I am glad that the diplomatic focus can now be applied to Iran/Iraq rather than North Korea as well. Thats one less hassle. Any other discussion/thoughts?


Clinton was praised when they lied about doing this 10 years ago.

Now that they are lying about it again will Bush get similar accolades?


Bush can do no wrong, of course he'll be praised up and down for solving the crisis...

Of course, Clinton can do no right, so it doesn't matter what he did or didn't do anyway.

Besides, can you just imagine what Kerry would have done?

Thank goodness Al Gore wasn't involved in this, that would have been trouble indeed!

Reagan though, now he would have taken care of the issue?

Jimmy Carter, not so good.

Ross Perot, that would have been an interesting situation. I wonder if his patented voodoo stick would have played a role in the solution?


We need a SuperPower Allie in that area. I say we let Japan rebuild their army. They will take care of all that non-sense. Let them deal with nuclear testing going on over their heads.


vroom, I see I touched a nerve.

My question is serious. Will Bush receive praise for this in the mainstream media? If not it just further illustrates the apparant bias.

My opinion on the matter is the North Koreans cannot be trusted. If Bush is giving them anything more than the lint in his pocket then he is getting duped just like Clinton was.


I thought about that question for a little bit and it isn't too crazy. The only problem is that Japan is not a SuperPower. After the Cold War, the USA is widely considered the only SP in the world. Hence the World Police (Team America), etc. Good thing or bad?


The North Koreans are getting some kind of benefit from giving up their nuclear program, they wouldn't give it up otherwise. It isn't a matter of trust. They always act in their national interest, just like every other country. Figuring out what they gain by not continuing their program is the challenge. Have they made enough nuclear weapons that they feel they dont' need anymore? Is the Yongbon reactor getting old, having maintenance problems? Have they had some sort of undisclosed accident?
It is interesting that they are claiming that they will give up their program a week after the president of Iran made his speech at the UN that Iran will continue their nuclear program and eventually share nuclear technology with the Muslim world.
I haven't done enough research to comment but...........Hmmmmmmmmmm.


I think it is doubtful they will give it up in reality.

The regime needs to hold on to power. Outside influences will bring it down. The conventional forces are no match for the South, Japan or the US. Nukes are the only weapon they have to threaten with. Once they give them up the power evaporates.

I hope this holds and they give them up but I think the chances are slim it holds.


Well each will probably get as much praise as deserved which is marginal in all respects. It could seriously have just turned out that they start a low-level conflict emboldened by the U.S. being stretched way too thin milatarily from Katrina , Afghanistan , Iraq ( which i somehow fit into every post ) . Btw check out the graphics on Spike :slight_smile: just stop worrying and learn to love the bomb


I have read that Korea has played this game in the past, in order to get the "carrot " or any other concessions offered in a treaty , versus the stick that is threaghtened. Im sure that china gave them HUGE amounts of aid for the Korean war .. i know they have sought concessions from us in the past when clinton was in office.

Its just my opinion...but i beleive that they play this game delibretly in order to
reap economic rewards whatever that may be.


The only thing that touches a nerve is trying to compare everything to Clinton, it's a complete red herring.

Also, if you feel he is getting duped, why should the media give him praise? Stop trying to have it both ways, you always do that.


It is called perspective. If North Korea pulled this shit before it is important to look at it.

The MSM and many posters on this board completely lack perspective or a sense of history.

How Clinton handled the situation is very relevant.

Of course you don't want anyone to point out that what Bush is doing is very similar to his predecessor because it makes it harder for you to call his actions stupid or irrational as you like to do.

And I like to point out the truth.


I thought Clinton was duped yet he was lavishly praised by the MSM.

We will see the media reaction to this.


Funny, nobody thought Clinton was 'duped' until after the fact... now we think Bush was duped in advance, and we should celebrate his success.

You can't have it both ways Zap. give it up.


I see in the article that nobody is jumping on the "Problem solved! Pat us on the back!" bandwagon. That's good. I doubt the media will do much celebrating, perhaps not so much because they are anti-Bush, but because all parties are being very cautious about this whole thing right now anyway.


I don;t think the media will sing the Bush's praises over this like they did with Clinton. Not because of MSM bias, but because we have much better knowledge of the NK's nutjob playbook.

Fool us once shame on you. Fool us twice shame on us.

Personally I don't think NK should be trusted any further than you can drive one of their Cuban-like automobiles. Kim Jong-Il will have to be worm food before any agreement of substance can be struck with NK.


Agreed. The best thing to happen to Palestine in a long time happened after Arafat died.


Yeah, nothing wrong with a little accolades. But we have a few T-crazies staying up too late amped up on HOT-ROX and Spike watching CNN like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory.


I thought Clinton was duped. Every conservative blabbermouth also thought Clinton was duped.

Any person capable of independant thought believed Clinton was duped. Yet the MSM praised him for years for his treaty.

I saw Bush and Condi Rice on the news. It is clear they do not believe NK's claims.


Zap, read Rainjack's response, he has a much more realistic take on this.