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N.A S.A Powersports Training

Hey guys,

I just finished the final meet of my high school PLing career. Due to damage in my right L5-S1 disc, I am no longer able to squst comfortably. I can however still Dead Lift strangely enough, so I’ve decided to become a Powersports-only lifter (Bench, Dead, and Curl). Anyway, I was wondering how I’d go about setting up a routine for this.

I prefer to do 2 upper body days each week, but am unsure if I should do just 1 or 2 for lower body. I will continue to work my quads via leg press and light lunges either way. So does anyone have ideas on how to set up a routine and how to add curl training 5/3/1 style without overlap from upper back training? Any advice would be appreciated. I’d prefer to lift only on weekdays by the way since sporting events or coming home from college on weekends could make training a consistent Saturday or Sunday hard.

Thanks for any help you can suggest/give!

Monday - Heavy bench/Light curls/light assistance
Tuesday - Speed Deads/ Heavy upper back/light assistance
Wednesday - Heavy curls/Light bench/ heavy assistance
Thursday - Heavy Deads/ Light upperback/ Heavy assistance
Friday - Speed bench/Light curls/light assistance
saturday/sunday - off/Recover

i ran something similar but didnt include curls as a main point, i always do curls as a assistance movement.

Wow that looks like an awesome set-up dude. Very much appreciated!

Let me know how ya do, as i also compete in NASA