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N.A.S.A. Powerlifting rule


So I am doing my first meet in October and the rules state

"the entire foot must be flat on the surface"

The outside edge of my foot has a tendency to raise up off the floor but the rest stays on the floor will they red light my bench for this


Maybe. More importantly, you might consider why this is happening. I bet you don't get much leg drive and aren't real tight on the bench. That seems like the only reason in my mind that you might raise the outside edge of your foot (pulling the knee to the midline of your body essentially, because you are unstable). Try driving both feet really hard into the ground (special emphasis on the leg opposite the offending foot maybe?).


Interesting rule. I guess push through your heels rather than your toes.


What is your set up like? Is it pulled back far? Do you warm up your hips before you bench? I tend to have the same problem and it occurs most when my hips are tight. I have my legs far back and feet flat on the floor but when my hips are tight, my knees pull in a bit and the outside edges of my feet can come up.


I do open my legs up and get tight in the hips. Maybe I need to bring my legs in a little bit and work on getting my feet back more. also I just read somewhere that I should be trying to lift my toes in order to drive thru my heels maybe that will help. I will try on next bench day and get back with you


always thought this is an awful rule. idk why they do it, maybe so you cant create as big of an arch? but pushing through your heels while they are actually on the ground makes you lift your butt up if your not careful.


Would pushing backwards make a difference?


I've been competing with USAPL long enough now that the toes-only bench is REALLY awkward for me. I find I get a better leg drive with my feet flat now. My arch hasn't suffered for it, either. Incidentally, I've become much more flexible.

On occasion, normally after some pretty heavy squats or deads earlier in the week, my hips will be really tight and if I don't do a good job with mobility drills before benching, my feet will come up at the outside edges. This is easily remedied by doing a better warm-up and mobilizing my hip flexors before getting on the bench.


Unless it is a very obvious movement of your foot, you'll probably be fine. All NASA meets have a rules meeting before the lifting starts, just ask during that time and make sure. NASA judges, in my experience, have been very helpful and polite and will answer any questions you have.