Okay, when will this be available? Just finished 14 days of Androsol stacked with Tribex and Methoxy-7 and gain 8 lbs but I want more!

I too can’t wait. I think I speak for most of us when I say, “Please hurry up!”

Tim announced in the current issue (#121) that N-17E will be unleashed by the first of the year. So I guess it’s Androsol/Tribex stacks until then, which ain’t too shabby!

The date for the N-17E launch depends on manufacturing, how
long it takes to go from the successful small scale process to large scale. It’s possible that at any time, we could know that we’ll be sellin it within 4-6 weeks. That could happen tomorrow, but it’s also possible, as Tim mentioned, that it won’t be till the first of the year.

Bill, in an earlier post you told me that Deca would detectable up to two years post-use, but this week, Tim said that only two weeks were needed after the cycle ended to test negative… what’s the real story? I need to know if i’m gonna be able to use this stuff or not, getting fairly predictable drug tests twice a year.