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Is N-17E still coming out by the end of the year? Haven’t heard anything about it for a while.

Frankie: Do a subject search on “N-17E” and you can reference a ton of prior postings regarding your question. Most notably, look for a variety of posts that were made in early September (the 8th, I believe).

Agreed, it’s always good to check the past postings, they are usually very informative.

The latest information is that we’ve had a
major manufacturing breakthrough in terms of
being able to produce high purity at an
affordable price, which was holding us back before. We still don’t have kilo quantities
on hand to begin production, but we’re definitely within striking distance now.

The chemical engineering of making a new
product like this, never manufactured before,
often is unpredictable, so I can’t make a
definite prediction, but it looks to me like
we will make the first of the year or quite
likely be early! :slight_smile: