N-17E questions

1)How long will N-17E be detectable in a urine test after cessation of a two week cycle? I assume this will be the same answer as if using straight nandrolone…

2)Tim suggested in last week’s Behind the Scenes that cycling might not be necessary if the “supplement” was taken only in the morning… Any thoughts? I was thinking that possibly doubling the dosage to an equivalance of 800mgs of injectable per week would not be as risky if you took 3 tabs in the morning, 2 tabs in the afternoon, then 1 at night. What kind of difference in terms of muscle gains could one expect from doubling the dosage?

I’d expect the nandrolone produced in the body from the N-17E to be detectable for a long time, and there’s no
apparent reason why it wouldn’t be detectable for just as long as with Deca.

On the dosage thing: what I have found is that most people,
very high percentage, can use 400 mg/week of Deca and get good results and minimal side effects. Few people can use much more than this (because of mood problems mostly) though there are rare exceptions. Also a few people have mood problems at doses well under 400 mg/week.

I believe the problem is that nandrolone has some progestagenic effect: use a moderate amount, and it’s like you have a moderate amount of progesterone in your blood, which you can handle so far as mood goes: use a ton of it,
and it’s like being pregnant or having PMS, and if you’re a guy you’re problem even less able to handle this than women are, due to not being used to it. And besides, crying jags
come off a lot worse on a guy than they do with women :slight_smile:

Whether morning-only use, which could avoid the need for cycling, will be workable will depend on how long the half life proves to be. If it is long, which I don’t expect, then levels might not drop enough by night-time for this to be workable. But if it’s short or moderate, it should be possible to take N17-E in the morning only without significantly suppressing testosterone production. Those are certainly tests we will be doing, both the half-life and whether suppression occurs with morning-only dosing.

Thanks for the feedback Bill. While I’m at it, I might as well ask another… I read a while back, I think in Strasseroids, that nandrolone can have a soothing effect on joints. I assume that as soon as you end the cycle, joints go back to their usual level of pain? I’ve got arthritis and tendinitis in my knee… could nandrolone permanently help me in any way?
Also, I hate to be anal, but could you give me a specific time frame for how long I’d have to be off to test negative on a urine test? Is there anything I could do to “beat the system,” or at least speed up the clearance process?

My impression, from what a number of users have said to me about their experience, is that nandrolone probably is helpful only while actually being used and in speeding recovery, but for a case of true damage that doesn’t heal but needs surgery or something, nope, no permanent benefit although it could ease the joint while being used.

I think it would be risky to use N-17E if you expect to be drug tested in a drug test that includes a steroid screen anytime in the next 2 years.