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N-17E question

I was wondering what the difference was between a product like Dermagain which is supposed to have nandrolone and testosterone precursors in it vs. a product like N-17E which is supposed to be comparable to nandrolone itself? Thanks.

This product by Impact looks
very similar to Impact 250 by another
company, being packaged with a syringe
and claiming to be used as a topical,
yet without being designed in a way that
makes it
able to deliver the very large quantities
of prohormones that are needed for an
effective topical.

The Impact 250 formulation would deliver
essentially nothing at all, and is
plainly formulated to be an injection. When
I argued with the seller of the product about
his pretense that it was a transdermal, and
offered information on what he could add to
the formulation to get it to deliver at
least something transdermally, his objection
was, he couldn’t add those things because
it wouldn’t be safe for injection anymore and
he couldn’t be sure none of his customers
would inject, so therefore he could not “risk”
adding anything that would make it a better
transdermal. So I call that product the
“it’s not an injectable” injectable. Impact 250 plays a game to sell an injectable while denying to the FDA that that is what they are doing.

I’ve discussed injectable 4-AD on the forum quite
extensively. There is no reason to do it… you can get the same results
as with Androsol, but no more. Either way, injection or Androsol, you are
delivering all the 4-AD you could want into the system. The same is true for nor-4-AD and for Nandrosol, and yes, Nandrosol really will be available shortly.

4-AD and nor-4-AD give good gains but no matter how high the dose, can’t
give the gains you’d get with a good steroid stack. If there was high
conversion to testosterone and nandrolone then theoretically there might
be, but the conversion is limited. The diols
themselves are active we believe, and there is evidence for that, but apparently you get only Class II activity not Class I. So you don’t
get a “full steroid stack” effect. This is
true whether you are injecting or using

So basically there is no point to injecting.

I also would be very leery of assuming that
the 4-AD and nor-4-AD are pure enough for
injection. There is a lot of 4-AD out there
that is terrible, and we have yet to see
a nor-4-AD (except after being processed by
us) that is pure.

The Impact product looks like Impact 250 in how
it’s marketed, but on the other hand it
claims to be a gel. If so then it surely
is not intended for injection. However, no
gel which is non-irritating to the skin which
is applied to what is a reasonable area for
a gel, can apply near the amount of 4-AD or nor-4-AD that the Androsol and Nandrosol formulations do.

Actually, although the question is titled “N-17E question,” I don’t see the connection between
N-17E and this product at all. Completely
different. N-17E will deliver blood levels
of nandrolone comparable to 400 mg/week Deca,
which no nor-4-AD prohormone including Nandrosol will do.