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Myths Busted! (Fasted State, Training PRs)


This Monday i hit a PR on the bench press and then the next day i hit another PR on the Push Press! I maxed out two days in a row using a similar movement pattern and both sessions i never even had a bite to eat since the day before, i was in a FASTED state!

How's that for some myths busted?

btw Neither PR was planned i just felt amped and i also backed off the last 3 weeks and concentrated on pushing up the volume on my main strength lifts in the 75-85% range using HPM principles.


Excellent read on fasted training at Leangains:

Fasted Training boosts muscle growth. Although Martin does suggest to take ~ 10 grams of BCAAs 5-15 minutes prior to training.


Congrats on the PRs. Yesterday I went into the gym to push press, planning on making it a lower intensity/volume day because my shoulders were still fried from the previous workout. And I ended up setting a PR triple. It's all in your head!
That said, nobody ever said you CAN'T set a PR in a fasted state, it just really isn't optimal to be trying to set PRs while fasted on a regular basis.


No doubt a lot of it is mental. My shoulders rarely feel fried though. My hamstrings maybe and most definitely my lower back, cunt.


My god, they're editing out every f'ing link on this site. It wasn't even a "competitor" site... For christ sake, CT himself referenced Martins leangains blog.

Go to leangains, goto "Most Popular" at the top of the page and click the link to:

"Fasted Training Boosts Muscle Growth?"