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Myth or Fact: Tren & Deca


I'm in the need for some joint protection as they keep getting aggravated on this cycle. i'd love to throw in abot 300mg of deca per week on top of my other gear which is.

1120 test
840 tren e
700 EQ

any thoughts or suggestions on this?

right now my sex drive is so high its bothersome.


what do you mean "myth or fact"?


most people heavily suggest not using tren and deca together as it will cause some rough side effects, like ED.... but if its still a 19nor and i dont get any problems from tren... why would I get more or worse sides from adding in a bit of deca?

if my joints stay beat up i cant successfully train.

i just need enough mg of deca to keep my joints healthy.


Depends on your reaction. Some people just feel like shit in a unique variety of ways, others feel completely fine. I've done NPP and Tren A and had no ill effect whatsover, beyond the normal Tren sides.


You wrote in another thread you use letrozole on the high side.


i've always had to use AI's on the higher side...


That is a pretty huge cycle already. I can't imagine you're not satisfied enough with the gains you're getting on over a gram of testosterone and almost a gram of tren and equipoise every week.


the gains arent the problem... its my shoulders and now elbow staying aggravated.


If you do decide to throw in nandrolone, why not use NPP instead, so that if you find you're getting issues you can back off of it sooner.


Lowering e2 causes less water retention and joints dry out. Decrease your dose a bit and see if it will go away.

Uncomfortable joint pain generally goes along with high letrozole doses. It's documented. Get some lab work at lef.org (their prices just went up)



after visiting a friend who works rehab at a ortho institute he told me its golfer's elbow.... i think i started aggravating it by tubing last weekend... im gonna lay off upperbody a couple weeks and hit deads and squats hard and test my elbow in a few weeks... hopefully serious damage hasnt been done and its just some inflammation.


I have tendinitis in my elbow and shoulder. Curcumin, fish oil, and cissus have worked fucking wonders.


My elbow tendons have been really painful from some work I did last fall through March. It didn't bother me while was initially doing the movements and I decided this is making me stronger. But much to my surprise I am human and later it began to feel like someone shot me in elbow with a .22. The pain comes and goes, very painful on curls and snatch.

I read doing slow eccentric movements / let downs in curls would help strengthen ligaments. I rebooted those lifts for a second time beginning a week ago. I will let you know if it works for me. There's also some kind of strap you put on and tighten from time to time but I haven't found it.

Taking 1000-1500 mg of vitamin c and a powder called Joint Juice - I put in green tea. I'm older than you so it may take longer to heal, but I don't have the extreme pain that I did months ago.


i'll be throwing down some Flameout soon... should be here any day... until i'm healed up i'll just smash some heavy lower body stuff... can never have too strong of legs and back.

i've been meaning to really work on my deadlifts and squat strength any ways. this kinda forces me to now.


Let us know how the Flameout works for you, I had thought about getting it.


i dont know if the Flameout helped that much or if the time off helped but since i've had to travel alot lately for work i just decided to not lift at all... even doing deadlifts was bother me a couple weeks ago... i'll be in atlanta this week, chicago next week... so i figure after chicago ill get back in the gym and see how the elbow...

i've been taking 4 Flameout caps in the morning for about 1 or 2 weeks now. feels better at work but ive yet to put much weight against it.


You're body is getting some good rest and recovery at least. Don't get mugged in Chicago.


im actually dying to get back in the gym... about to go crazy with all this free time i'm not accustomed to. cant wait to get back on the diet and training regimen. really curious to see if i lost much strength while using a decently high dose of just test while being off from the gym. i've held good size and stayed pretty trim even when the diet hasnt been the greatest because of travel.


last couple days in the gym have good good other than a loss in strength. no joint pain but huge pumps.