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Myth of Heterosexual AIDS


Theres a book by a man named Michael Fumento. In this book he explained how heterosexual AIDS numbers were fabricated in order to make heterosexuals seem like they are at just as much risk as homosexuals, but study after study proves its just not true. He then went on to say that if there was a man who had anal sex with 1000 men and had vaginal sex with one woman and contracted HIV and then when interviewed he said he caught his HIV from a woman, he would be listed under "heterosexual transmission" without any investigation.



Aids can infect anyone equally. That being said, certain behaviors exponentially increase the risk of infection. Anal Sex is one of them. And since Gays have only the Anal Orifice to penetrate aside from oral, they ARE indeed more likely to contract HIV.


Coupled with the extreme promiscuity of the gay lifestyle, the self destructive behaviors and such don;t help matters.

But have enough unprotected sex with crack head hookers and you'll surely get infected.


Technically thats true, but as we see in reality and everyday life, its not true. I can go buy a can of dog food and eat it. You can go buy a can of dog food and eat it. But are you and I at an equal chance of eating dog food as my german shepherd?

The media loves to say Magic Johnson caught hiv from heterosexual sex. But did you know he was rumored to be bisexual before he caught it? And do you think Magic Johnson is the only pro athlete sleeping with a lot of women? Why isnt Michael Jordan or Terrel Owens infected? Did hivjust dislike Magic Johnson and decide to infect him? Also keep in mind though that Michael Jordan or Terrel Owens have neer been rumored to have slept with men either, at least not that I know of.


i dont think that this is news.

Men have little chance of getting aids from women through vaginal sex so long as they dont have open sores, but that is not to say it is impossible. Your assertion that aids cares about sexual preference is off base. Last time i checked men and women were equally capable of having anal sex. There are even cases of lesbians giving aids to each other by sharing sex toys. also, you probably dont remember the aids scare in the 80's, but there were real reasons for skewing statistics to protect the homosexual community in general.


It's not about sexual orientation, it's about safe sexual behavior. People in a committed monogamous relationship are at zero risk of catching HIV, regardless of whether they are straight or gay.


I was born in 1986, so I dont remeber much about the 80s, so what were those reasons?


But that doesnt address the concern of HIV being a primarily gay disease, which is like the pink elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Did you know that it was once called the gay plague?


If it were primarily a gay disease, how do you explain that most new cases of HIV are among straight black women in Africa?

Come on, use some common sense. People that are sexually irresponsible put themselves at risk of getting HIV and other STDs. If you're in a monagamous relationship, your risk of getting an STD is zero, regardless of whether or not the person is the same gender as you.


there was a lot of paranoia that easily could have led to a new era of extreme bigotry towards homosexuals. changing the demographic that it effected helped to protect this minority.


Alright, let's assume that all of the 1 million cases in the US are in homosexuals. There are 22 million cases in Sub-Sahara Africa. What % of those people do you think are homosexual?

Even if you overestimated that percentage, how could you call HIV/AIDS a gay disease?


..well clip, why don't you fuck as many ladies silly without a condom then?


Because then there would possibly be a shit ton of little Clips running around and we really don't need any more stupid people.


Huh, didn't expect to find you here.

OP: Who cares?



Instead of fueling another trolly and ill informed thread (however indirectly) blaming MSM with the worldwide HIV/AIDS epidemic, let's just point out to sources where people can find real statistics and assess the causes and routes of transmission by themselves:


To summarise, in the most hit countries, millions suffer from heterosexual transmission, and it's misleading to concentrate on perpetuating myths such as the ones purported in this thread.

Oh, and let's end this with a quote by the OP, showing his views and concerns for others on the topic of sexual health:

'Who finds sex without a condom more pleasurable, or do you get the same feeling either way?

A girl I know is on the pill and she wants to have sex with me (I got the text messages to prove it), I wanna do her raw, but she want me to suit up, but from past experiences, when I fumbling with a rubber I lose my erection and plus it just feel better when you go in raw.

Btw, Ive never had an STD and have been tested and I am 100% clean.

And the girl is 16, thats aoc in MI.'

Posted 02-06-2009, 04:59 PM

Don't feed the trolls.



rape and the belief in some African countries. that if you have sex with a virgin, that doing so will cure you. I'm sure many of these married men are secretly gay. many African cultures have stigmas attached to being homosexuals. many get married to women and secretly still have sex with men.


..so true, hadn't though of that, lol...


Because, the men sleep with other men and are usually bisexual, in other words. They then infect the women they have sex with either through anal sex and ejaculating inside the ass or vagina. And there you have it. An HIV infected straight Female.

If you are gay or anyone is gay, you should really ask yourself, why am i attracted to other men? Don't take it as status quoe ,sp? Philosophically at least it IS something to think about, as the logical mind can see that the behavior is a fringe behavior. But some could perhaps BE born gay. Either way, noone should fear exploring the WHY? No harm no foul. Don;t be afraid and live in denial.


I can tell you the answer to that... they see a dude and get horny. Just like I see a hot chick on the street and have the same reaction.

Why are people gay? If you think about it, it could never be a choice.


Yeah, you're right. That's probably how women get AIDS... from having sex with bisexual men who already got AIDS from other men...

Absolutely ridiculous.


You know, I think some people need to take Occam's Razor to their wrists.