Myth? Fish Oil Makes You Smell Like Fish

Ok so I just got done arguying with my mother about supplements for the 182947812906st time. I was telling her about Flameout and how awesome of a product it was for just about anyone. (not sure why I keep trying to convince her of stuff like that) And she goes:

“It makes your skin smell like fish.”

Apparently my grandparents use to consume fish oil for whatever problem they had, and they claim it made them smell fishy.

I call complete BS on this one, although I could be wrong who knows?

Break the myth please guys

as someone who has taken 5 - 15 gms of fish oil for years daily, I have never noticed a fishy odor, nor has anyone ever complained of a fishy odor.

I read a med article about treating women for post partum depression via mega-dosing omega-3 supplements. They were taking 40 - 60 gms a day for 6 weeks (if memory serves me right). They all complained at the end of a fishy odor. The fish oil did appear to help with post partum depression for those that are interested.

but i think that has more to do with the quality of the fish oil they were taking and fish oil burps. fresh fish oil has very little smell, rancid fish oil smells “fishy”. Atleast thats what I have come to believe. Heres how i came to the conclusion:
took 15 ml of a fresh bottle of carlsons fish oil and smelled it. It had a slight lemon odor to it. Left it out in the sun for the day and smelled it. It smelled extremely “fishy”.

if anyone knows of a reason why my test was not valid I would be interested in hearing the criticism.

Fish breath maybe. If at a certain point you begin to smell like what you eat, I would have started to smell like dead cow years ago.

It is a myth. It would be interesting to see the type of fish oil that they took. If they are anything like my grandparents it most likely was as much oil/liquid that could be processed, bottled and sold. My Grandmother asked me if that she ate tuna packed in oil, would she get the fish oil she needed as her doctor suggested. She grew up on a farm in Ohio during the great depression.

You may get a fishy burp every once and a while but that is it.

yea i tried to convince my mom that it was good for her too. i told her it helped me lose some stubborn belly fat and made my knees feel better. she complained that 1 pill made her have fish burps. i told her it was because she bought a garbage brand.

so i bought her some better stuff one day and told her to take it. she said she didn’t notice it doing much. i told her either she isn’t taking enough or she isn’t getting enough exercise… that or she’s just not smart enough to realize the greatness of the fish oil…

20-30 grams of fish oil here and my skin looks better than ever, with no smell

I put my fish oil of every brand in the freezer. No fish burps.

Also consume F-loads of sardines, salmon, kippered herring, and tuna, as well as garlic (Italian, ya know). In the summer, I eat F-loads of the Striped bass, mackerel, bluefish, weakfish, and flounder that I catch.

  1. No mercury problems
  2. No fishy smell (other than hands and maybe breath for awhile)

Ever tried Fish Sauce? That’s what bad fish smells like. The oil is fine.

your mom is wrong!

Thank you guys. My mom is officially owned.

It kinds of saddens me that she gives more credit to random people on the net than her own son, but oh well. Right now she’s thinking of trying fish oil because of all the good effects you guys described :smiley:

Thanks again

Myth. If you clean out your vag properly, the fishy smell goes awa-- oh.

Still myth.

“It kinds of saddens me that she gives more credit to random people on the net than her own son”

Read this:

It’s pretty much why I’ve stopped telling my mum she needs to work out and stop eating crackers.