Myth: Dbol Is Bad For Cutting

I see this all the time, and don’t get me wrong it makes sense why people say it. But truth be told… steroids are steroids. Dbol is no exception. It increases performance, nitrogen retention, strength and muscle mass. People think it’s somehow counter productive for cutting think so because of the water weight.

Well to start off, I think a lot of people use way too much DBol. People running 50 mg/wk the first time they take it, along side another aromatizing compound like test and they get puffy. Water retention is your enemy if you are competing in a BB show, but it’s good for strength, joints, and overall performance… I find through my experiences and people I know that 50 mg doesn’t give you that much more benefit than 25 mg a day, yet more sides. The diminishing returns for benefits are quick, but the water retention and other sides seem to be linear or even exponential.

TL;DR it’s a strong ass drug that’s gonna make you keep strength and muscle and even build it during a cut. 25mg / day still provides a shit ton of gains if you have properly dosed stuff — but keeps water retention at a minimum for MOST people, and regardless an AI can be used to keep that under control.

It’s just as good on a cut as in a bulk. Anyone that disagrees is thinking with their emotions rather than logically and objectively… which is how humans think so I don’t blame them.

I’d love to here other opinions and hopefully not gonna get bashed for this one.

I’ve been saying this for a while now. I’ve been cutting on dbol for the last six weeks (very low dose, 10mg/d for five days, two days off, repeat) and I’ve felt much better than I expected.

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Love that… I feel like there’s also something to be said for low doses like 5-10 mg a day for longer periods of time

I would run 10mg/d forever if I knew I could get away with it. It makes me feel better in a really subtle way and my cardio goes up dramatically when I take it pwo.

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Some people manage to have really good bloodwork on orals even at high doses, if you’re genetically gifted like that you could probably run low doses for months at a time

But hey I’m not a doctor… and that seems to be a very small % of the population

I am a strong believer in the power of the placebo effect.
We that have actual time after time experience know that diet controls gaining or cutting. Some drugs do seem to assist one or the other better but they all do both and we control it.

I myself tend to plan my next blast six months prior during a current blast and I have been thinking about the benefits of dbol. I wouldn’t necessarily add it for it’s cutting ability but how it could support the extra activity associated with a cut, mainly that sense of wellbeing and those wet juicy joints. The wellbeing of course just helps you want to go tear into the gym even though your diet has you feeling like a walking skeleton by the end. Those wet joints will help you counteract the other possible drugs you have in there, usually dry dht based compounds. I speak from experience, achy elbows will move your progress to a dead stop. Well you might still be okay with the legs but anything upper body that uses your hand, which is everything, just becomes an endeavor of trying while avoiding the pain that starts when you move any part under load.

I remember iron writing something a while back like year or more about how dbol was the feel good compound. I finally got the nerve to try nandrolone via the phenylpropionate ester (still think decas issues are connected to it’s extra long lingering half life) and I finished with some dbol added in. I definitely enjoyed the end of that blast more than the beginning which is opposite from my typical experience.

The reason I mentioned the placebo effect is because dbol is supposed to make joints wet and not hurt, and it’s supposed to have a sense of wellbeing. So if 10mgs a day seems to get you those things then don’t question it. There is no reason to increase it. The mind is a powerful thing. Don’t get me wrong I definitely think there is actual science behind this thread topic and discussion. I just think for me and a few like me there is an added part we can harness with the placebo effect while the actual science does the rest. It the same premise behind why I say save orals for the end of run, even though your spent you think “I have this extra stuff in me this week” so you make yourself put in extra effort thinking it’s the compound doing it. Then the science actually let’s you get something out of the oral when the injectables have gotten to full strength. Any benefit from orals at the beginning of a run is typically just superficial, the end of a run you might actually get something (more) to keep our of them.

All in all I don’t have a bunch of dbol experience so I cannot say if it itself actually has this special characteristic that adds a level to the finished result of a cut. However I can say I have been thinking on and can see how it could support a serious cut especially if it contains a dry compound. After all who doesn’t want to feel good and have wet joints that can go and go and go without waking up at night from the achy aftermath?

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