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Mystery Speed Bench Form Injury

i injured the inner part of my right elbow speed benching a few months ago. i unracked the bar on my 6th set or so, lowered it quickly, and when i pushed it back up i felt something go in my right elbow.

massage took care of it and i was good to go in two weeks, but what troubles me is that i’m not sure what caused the injury.

i do notice i tend to not grip the bar very tightly when i’m speed benching because i think having a loose grip makes me push the bar even faster. do you guys think this could have something to do with the injury?

speed benching worked really, really well for me up until that point of injury. i’d like to start doing them again, but i’m afraid of getting injured again.

do you guys have any idea of why i sustained my injury? and can you guys offer me any tips for speed bench form in general?

thanks, sorry for the long post.