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Mystery Shoulder Problem (MRI Results Received)

Hi everyone,

I need some ideas for how to move forward. I will be going to see my Ortho Doc soon for a follow up to the MRI, of course.

History: First noticed tugging sensation while doing lateral raise (bent over, while standing, with medium strength resistance band). Like a fool, I finished the set, but stopped there. The next day, experienced some shoulder pain around the same place (biceps tendon are). Pain persisted, even though I let it rest for a couple weeks, and I realized I had popping in shoulder if I perform dumbell press with elbows tucked to tight. Flaring elbows a bit and no popping. Popping sensation in same area with reaching arm over past mid point of body (over to other arm side).

Ortho Doc thought it might be “rolling of AC joint”. Started PT and Ortho Doc’s recommend. Did not help. Pain starts to be more present in lower Trap, more than anywhere else and becomes so bad I have to take “natural medicine” for pain. :wink:

Chiro visits only helped get Lats less tense and now I can stretch them (couldn’t hold it for more than 15 seconds, now can do 2+ mins. Stretch: http://imgur.com/a/rDywL

Finally went for MRI, since the pain triggers anytime I do a pressing type motion (push-up, chest press with bands/cables, etc.)

Got 3T MRI without contrast. Findings are:

Acromioclavicular joint: No degenerative arthrosis. There is type 2 acromial morphology.

Small focus of intermediate degenerative signal in the superior labrum without discrete labral tear.
Faint increased signal of the distal clavicle which could reflect early degenerative signal or mild stress-related change.

Any thoughts are appreciated.