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Mysterious Inability to Drop Fat

Hi, I just got back my blood test result could you review you and give me
suggestion, i have posted here before, I still have difficulty to lose weight despite exercise and diet, I do 5
days cardio HR 140-160, 30-45 min, eating protein and lot of veggies, no junk,
sweet, soda juice, pasta rice only 1-2 pieces WW bread+ some fruit

Im female 34 year

TSH 0.006 normal 0.45-4.500
Free T4 1.93 normal 0.82-1.77
Free T3 3.9 normal 2.0-4.4
REVerse t3 34.3 normal 9.2-24.1
Iron serum 50 normal 35-155 ug/dl

Im curenntly on 150mcg SYNTHROID
20mcg CYTOMEL (taking 10mg in AM, another 10mg in afternoon)
Metformin 1000mg

Reverse t3 is an inactive form of T3 that sits in the receptors of t3 but doesn’t do the work.

I think you need to check the adrenals but this is tough as cortisol I up and down depending on the day.

Morning cortisol 8 am
C peptide

From what I’ve read people with this rt3/ft3 ratio problem should be on T3 only meds.

I’ve also read that you need to fix the adrenals to fix the problem.

You could try buying the book adrenal fatigue or doing the adrenal fatigue test online and see if you fit to the symptoms.

Also stop the thyroid madness website and further more the book are informative.

Get a 4 point cortisol test and go see a naturopath or homeopath.

Test thy thyroid further next time you test

Serum iron

I am not a thyroid expert and you need to make informed disitions regarding your health as this is tricky business and adrenal fatigue can be a long road to recovery… It sounds like you are on the right track by not eating junk but it is more indepth then this…

I think you and actually a lot of people need to read this…

I know it’s just a Q and A and you have to make up your mind on what you think for yourself.

A lot of useful information in this article.


Hi thanks, seems like many people struggle with this sort of issues, and Im curious why so many doctors don’t believe in this.

Population reduction?? Lol

OP do you count calories?

yes I count , I do not exceed 1300-1400 calories. Im 5’6"