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I just got myspace (yes I realize I'm a little behind) and was wondering what are the best sites to go to in order to edit my background, fonts, etc. I won't really be able to do much with it until I'm out for summer... but I think ahead a lot.

I know all of you think I've abandoned you...but I've been super busy with school. FYI, I'm doing well, will lean out starting in May. The biggest thing that's happened in my life lately was changing my hair back to it's natural color of brown.

In case you guys want to add me, I'm: http://www.myspace.com/cat_eyes_brandi


I used this one from


I had plain ones, but saw this one background that kinda looked like licorice allsorts or tyres depending on your perspective.





It's easy as hell to use, even if you suck with computers, like I do.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Oh wow, with those pics you are going to have fun deleting the tons of messages from guys hitting on you.




wow you have some of the best looking quads ive ever seen!
keep on doing those squats


And by 'quads', you mean 'everything.'


Myspace crew holla



guess i might as well join in, i hardly use it so my pictures are a couple years old.


I just deleted my Myspace account.


....and created a new one







You obviously have never seen SG's incredible picture. Here ya go, enjoy:

And SouthernGirl:
Welcome back, oh person that neglects us. sob You just don't love us anymore.






Wow... A LOT of you have myspace. Thanks for all of the messages and requests you guys! I won't really be able to work on it until the first week of May :frowning: So excuse my dorky profile for now :slight_smile:


I use mygen.co.uk

my myspace is: http://www.myspace.com/25764637