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Myspace Creatine Joke

Hah. sharing this with you all

a few lifters on the myspace exercise forums convince some teens that creatine is illegal, and is absorbed through the skin. good read.

Good god, I hope that idiot didn’t actually mix creatine and Listerine and then inject it.

haha i do too. you have to admit though, wouldn’t it just be helping darwinism run its course?

I would prefer if he powdered his balls with creatine, as was suggested, lol!


thats great

This is where one of those “Excuse me, but wtf are you doing?” pictures belong…

hah yeah. or one of the ever present FAIL pics.

I did that once and my feet exploded.

Now I can only do the bottom portion of squats.

[quote]6 star is SUPER illegal - where did you get it from??

If you are going to do it at school, you will need to inject it right after working out to get the best results.

If you cant inject it, put it in your socks before putting your shoes on. The perspiration from your feet will moisten the creatine and the your body will absorb it over the next hour or 2. You will need to use a little extra creating though as some will be absorbed by your sock and not through the skin[/quote]

That must have been in jest.

Jimmy Rides is my new hero.

Hmmmmm. And that is why one signs up to forums like this as opposed to myspace for fitness advice…

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they bieleve him lol…

[quote]beebuddy wrote:
Good god, I hope that idiot didn’t actually mix creatine and Listerine and then inject it. [/quote]

Jimmy Rides made sure to let the kid know later on in the thread that injection is only for guys over 21. Teenagers need to stick to the sock/underwear super-absorbing method.

And to think I wouldn’t learn anything on the myspace forums. Lol.

We need to get Jimmy Rides over here, if he isn’t already.

hahah… “i don’t know the rules in hs. been too long. to get around drug testing what you do is buy some clean piss and then inject it directly into your bladder before taking the test. that way you can still shoot up 6-star during the season. mad gains.”

injecting piss into your bladder…why not just heat it up and put it in the cup they give you…?

I’ve had the pleasure of being drug tested a couple times, and when I had to do it they watched me pee. Nothing like trying to pee while some guys staring at your wang.

Wow, that one was a long time ago. I miss those forums sometimes.

Ok, I have a confession. See that, guy, Drew? The one who says that creatine is illegal in most states?

Thats me.

No, really. Thats me.

haha thanks for the info, no I wasnt really worried about people seeing it I was just saying I would of felt like an idiot just for trying it haha if it was just a joke. But no I do see how it would work now that you explain it. I have never taken any kind of creotiene before and I thinkin about going out and buying some tomorrow prolly even try the sock method, I mean I would even try the needle way but I figured injecting that straight into your body wouldnt be that healthy… But I am no doctor and deff dont kno what it would actually do to your body.

he would try the needle, but he’s no doctor or nothing!

wow. just… wow. it’s great that the original kid bought the creatine at walmart. nothing but top quality products there.