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MyProtein for UK Protein Powder?

I’ve done a search (before anyone yells that at me) and there seem to be mixed opinions of myProtein.co.uk’s customer service style, but no one has mentioned their products.

I don’t know a lot about differences between brands of protein powders, so hopefully, someone here can help.

They do Whey Isolate
myprotein.co.uk/bulk-powders/protein-powders/impact-whey-isolate and have some independent test results at the bottom of the page

and Whey Protein

with independent test results

My main question is about the test results… they look very impressive (93.2 from 100g), but what the hell do they mean?

Yes, I know Biotest products are probably superior, but since any UK retailers of Biotest products mark the damn things up to unreasonable rates, I’d rather find a UK based company.

Hey mate, I know we discussed this via PM but may as well add my .02 here as well…

Since I’m a poor student I’ve had to go for the cheapest supps I can find, and for about a tenner a kilo I can’t complain, they’re service and delivery has been fine and the taste etc is good too. I’ve been making gains while on them (more than i was on the Holland & Barrat crap that is in the same price range)

It looks like they make it so cheap because they buy direct from wholesalers and just sell it straight on without any additions or big marketing to bump up the cost.

I’d be interested to know what people think though, I might have just been wasting my money on wishful thnking too!

To me it seems they do good quality products at good prices - I’ve used them a couple times. I must admit though that when powders taste shit comapred with the ones here, but the quality is definitely there and they stock some cool products (like palatinose).

I buy from there between Biotest purchases, and i’ve never had a problem. Swift delivery, good products. I noticed shitty whey flavour too, but solved it by buying 1/2 banana with sweetener, and 1/2 unsweetened chocolate, and mixing them in each shake, which is sweet. Almond oil works well too, makes it taste awesome.

Oh and they sell really cheap fish oil (not cod liver oil, which i recently discovered has toxic-high levels of vitamin A)