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Myostat's counterpart

OK, we now have a way to reduce the catabolic nature of our genetics via Myostat. It would seem that the counterpart to such a product would be either the suppressing of the fat-storing gene(s), or the activation of the gene(s) to destroy fat cells. I know, there’s controversy over whether you can actually destroy fat cells once thier formed, but I of the belief that you can - I figure all of your cells in your body are re-generated every few years, so it should be possible to just not regenerate those (although destroying the ones you have would be better).

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody thought this was possible in the near future (like our lifetimes), or is this just so far out there. Of course, a year ago I would have said that a product such as Myostat wasn't possible either, so I'm betting that somebody has to already be looking into such a thing. I know BIOTEST was working on such a thing as a spray on a while ago (Amphasol?), but it didn't quite work as well as hoped. Perhaps our understanding has become a bit better then. Any thoughts?

Unless you mean something other than what I interpreted, I know from reading Berardi’s work that these are already possible–not on a genetic basis, mind you, but with the same result. Yohimbine stalls fat receptors (which is why it’s included in many fat-burners, and why topical products are experimenting with it), and fish oils stimulate the production of fat-burning enzymes and mitochondrial activity.

Ive seen some product called “Anorex” or “leptoprin” Which is supposed to inhibit creation of new fat cells, increase destruction of immature fat cells, and also lower the amount of calories that are stored as fat. I dont know of anyone who has tried it out yet though, so i have no idea if any of these claims are true at all. Id hope it would work for that hefty of a price tag though.

Destroying fat cells sounds like it is fairly impossible. To get that specific where you can destroy a fat cell instead of a muscle cell, you might be dreamin there buddy. But who knows? Maybe in the future, science will be able to target some type of factor specifically targeted to the fat cell walls.

Anyways, there’s an interesting paper which links downregulation of myostatin to the concomitant downregulation of ppar gamma.

So, it may seem (big speculation) that myostatin can play a role in inhibiting fat cell proliferation. To what extent? Not sure, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Thanks all that responded. As for Yohimbie, I keep hearing mixed things about it… the worst is that while it downregulates the receptors while on, thiers a rebound effect while off that can be devestating to the physique. My understanding is that with Myostatin, the results are a bit more permanent. Am I mistaken in this?

I would think that if we can selectively increase muscle cells without increasing fat cells, we should be able to destroy fat cells without destroying muscle cells. But, I do believe this is best left to the genetic level, as it may be too dificult to directly produce such a substance, but we may be able to coax our bodies into doing it like mystatin does. BOBU: Can you point us to the paper?

DNP destroys fat cells more or less, too bad if you mess up you dose you’ll end up the most ripped SOB in the funeral home.

It is possible because fat cells (adipocytes) have some unique components that can be targeted. Problem is that the adipocyte is such a complicated cell. Do a general search on the internet on “adipocyte” and you will see the thousands of research programs underway to understand fat cell anatomy and metabolism.