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I am a highschool wrestler going into collage next year and I want to gain as much muscle possible in the next 6 months abd I was woindering if anyone who has used myostatin or knowsa a lot about it could help me. I am thinking about taking myostatin capsules from biotest everyday and drink a serving of juiced protein from pinncle after my workout. Is that going to be enough and is this the right track I should take? Or should I just stick to creitene and protein bars and shakes? And which of those would you suggest. Also Ive heard alot of stuff about taking gluetimene is a really good to take and why? or is it just hype? Thankyou for the help in advance.

Um, do you eat regular food at all? It sounds like you’re a little supplement happy and would benefit from using the search engine here at T-mag. A few to look for:

  1. “Dawg School-A Bodybuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs” by Chris Shugart

  2. Everything by John Berardi

  3. “Glutamine: Destroying the Dogma” by David Barr (Parts 1 and 2).

We’re all glad to help, but we just ask that you meet us halfway by helping yourself and doing some homework. Good luck!

At your age and experience level, I’d stick with an MRP like Classic Grow to get your calories and protein up. That and lots of food. Don’t worry about using anything else.

Glutamine is pretty much worthless. Read the articles at T-mag on it by a guy named Barr. Sorry, can’t remember the title of the article.

Ditto Paul T.

You’re way too young to have bumped up against your natural potential yet. Wait a while.

BTW, you said you were “going into collage.” Just curious: what do cutting out pictures and the other facets of this form of artistic expression have to do with myostatin?

Eat. Work out. Train hard on technique. Don’t worry about supplements except maybe an MRP… Supps are for when you’ve hit grad school (after ‘collage’!) and your body doesn’t make enough testosterone for your building needs.

Eric: LOL.

I believe that he’s talking about the Deltard Academy of Arts…

And to answer the original question: the best thing that you can do for yourself at this point is start a food log. It sounds like you haven’t given even a cursory amount of thought to your diet, and no supp on Earth is going to help you if your diet isn’t pretty well dialed in first. Hate to break it to you, but them’s the facts.

kobl37- Sorry but I think you sort-of dropped yourself in it with that first post. You’ll only get some street cred around here if it looks like you’ve done your homework I’m afraid. And from that post it appears you haven’t.

Firstly (no offense) get some spelling lessons. Secondly, I think that someone should not consider using ANY supplement, unless they first understand the science behind it, and the relevance for their personal training situation.

Well, it’s quite obvious this isn’t the case with MyoSTAT. (-MyoSTATIN is actually the protein we are targeting to BLOCK with MyoSTAT, as MyoSTATIN puts the brakes on protein synthesis (NOT desirable).)

I am basically thinking along the lines of the other posts above- you sound a bit too “supp happy” for my liking, especially if you’re still young, and could probably do great just with the basics alone and a good diet.

However, at the end of the day, the choice of which supps you use is down to you. But as a fellow T-Man, I’m just urging you to get informed first! -The recent articles in T-Mag will give you the science. And there is a current thread running on The Dog Pound, where some of the more experienced T-Nation members have been giving their experiences after several months “on” Myostat.

Good luck and happy reading. SRS