My experience with Myostat has been thought provoking. Why? Well last year I did a very restricted diet that comprised of 200 grams of protein and some flax seed oil with an intense 5*5 program three times a week. Supplements were Tribex 500 and Methoxy-7. Results were I lost a ton of fat and kept most of my muscle mass. Went from 25%+ down to 15% bodyfat. I was slim but very muscular. Over the winter I stopped the lifting and diet and my weight came back, no surprise there. This summer I decided to get back in the program so again I did this restricted diet with the Tribex-500 and Methoxy-7 with the addition of Myostat with my program. After four months I had a totally different result then last year. First I gain LBM while losing fat. After the four months my wife and friends said that I was huge, actually my wife asked me not to get any bigger as I would not fit into any of my clothes. How can I get so big on a diet that has less then 1200 calories? Last year my diet caused me to lose a ton of weight and some muscle mass not this year just the opposite. Also almost all my muscle gains came in the last month. The only difference I could see from last year to this year was Myostat. Can anyone else relate to this? Thanks.

Here’s the odd thing with me. My calves are growing again. I always hit calves twice per week hard, but they stopped growing years ago. Now, they’re growing again. I’m theorizing that Myostat may help get you unstuck or at least get hard to grow muscles growing again. And yes, I too have noticed the difference with dieting. Not as dramatic as you, but it is easier to hang on to muscle.


I’ve experienced the best gains ever on my lagging body parts since I began using Myostat.

You have got to be kidding me?

Muscle gain at 1200 cals, with fat lose? Hmmmm…

I know that biotest says give it 2 months to see results, but for the people that have seen results how long did it take for you to notice them. Did you notice results in the mirror or on the scale or both? Also what dose of this were you taking to see results. Thanks.

What are your weight/height before and after? I’m sure that tribex and methyoxy-7 influenced it a lot. What were strength gains like? I’m a worthless ectomorph, so this interests me a lot.

I remembered seeing Pinnacle’s article (they co-developed it w/ biotest) for their CSP-3 product, and they seem to advocate myostat for cutting fat while gaining muscle more than bulking.

I have been taking 3g/day for 3 weeks now and plan on continuing that regimen for as long as I can afford to. I can’t really tell if the Myostat’s working yet b/c I just started a mass phase so I naturally expect to put on a few pounds.