Myostatin Talk

So I think I’m years late to the discussion on this supplement; but I’m still curious.

I’ve read some stuff (used the ‘search’ function; nice huh?) on myostatin; but there are no dates in the articles…

They do talk about MAG-10 and other older/banned supp’s so I’m assuming its old.

So where do we stand today? (June 2008)

Is it still legal? Anyone using it? Pros? Cons?

I haven’t found TOO much on it besides some wiki information and whatnot…but can’t spend a long time researching right now…

Thoughts? Answers? Etc?

It was discontinued because it didn’t work. I don’t remember a lot of the background info, but there was a lot of drama behind the scenes.

I don’t know if anyone is still studying it, but if they could find a way for it to work it would be a pretty impressive product.

From articles on MD I believe they couldn’t get it to work right because of tendon weakening.

I dont remember any discussion of not working. Can you show me where that was?

I believe, from a thread “behind the scenes” that TC or TP posted. Was that they came under legal action they couldnt afford to fight at the time.

It was ment to be a longterm thing, ie: being on everyday for over a year. People hoping for short term gains wernt going to get squat. For best effects it probably should of been combined with anabolics.

I remember reading some abstracts that suggested lately that pharmaceutical companies are making some good progres in that area.

Yeah it seemed to be an older topic. Biotest had ‘myostatin’ out as a product back when MAG-10 was out there.

I think from what I’ve read there is still alot of testing to be done.

Pretty cool idea though.