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Myostatin inhibitor

The first time I have read about the Myostatin gene was about a year ago. Basically, it was a very short article about a study that showed how Flex Wheeler has a slightly altered genetic make up, and that is why he is so damn muscular. Whatever. Now, with all this talk about a way to inhibit Myostatin and how it is going to make everyone and anyone buff, well frankly, I hate it. You know, being well developed physically used to be elitist. Only the truly dedicated to this iron game could transform their bodies into works of art or perform feats of strenght or speed, and instill admiration and envy into the other, normal Joes or Janes. We all talk how we saw a fat, disgusting slob trying to make it up a flight of stairs, or a skeleton looking concentracion-camp-victim-type curling the bar with 5 pound plates in the squat rack for an hour. We know better, and consequently, we look better and are healthier than them. We take pride in that fact. But what is happening? A new formula will soon hit the market, allowing rapid muscle gains in a year or two, and all you have to do is buy it and take it. Not work out, do cardio, sweat, get injured, go on a zero carb diet, count calories, take various supplements, stick a needle in your butt, pop pills, risk your liver or testicles, not learn or do anything people on this board do. Not TRY. So what is the point? Why are we in the gym, for weeks, months and years on end? Why do we sacrifice our time and effort, not indulging in the couch-potato easy living? For what? Soon enough, both the skeleton and the slob will look like a dream-come-true, be it big, strong, ripped, freaky, athletic or anything that took us, the former muscular elite, years worth of blood, sweat, pain, money and plain old WORK to achieve. I dont know about you, but it makes me look like a jackass. Shit, I might as well have just waited untill now, collecting ceramic ballerinas, and then BOOM, presto, instant muscle for $49.99, buy 2 get one free! Makes you wonder, who will be the elite then? Everybody will have great Superman bodies, so muscles are bound to drop in value, taking the basic laws of the market into consideration. Supply and demand, people. Sure, we could just snicker at the newly-pumped lazy SOBs, saying: Yeah, if I took that shit, I would be like that too-or even: My success is better, cause I worked harder for it, millions of times harder. Who will look stupid? The net result is the same, but while the busy ant worked, the lazy cricket played all summer, and STILL has a body to behold. Mmmm? Kind of like ordinary out-of-shape people say: Yup, I could look like you if I wanted to and tried hard, but I do not. Back to my point, looks are looks, be it natural training and solid nutrition, be it steroids or supplements, or the combination of above, or be it even took-a-Myoblock-pill- never-even-lifted-a-finger looks. What will T-folk strive for than, in the age when anyone can look good nekkid? What do YOU think? (BTW, for the reference of what to fuck I am talking about, check out this weeks article, The Myostatin Project.)

I believe you’re sadly mistaken if you believe that you’re just going to pop a pill and have a great body. Won’t happen. Not in our life time. There’s a lot of great supps and drugs out there that can enhance your efforts but without intense effort in the gym on your part, nothings going to happen. All these great supps only serve to enhance extreme effort. Without the effort, you’ll be average or worse no matter what you supp with. It will still be the one’s putting forth the most extreme and consistant effort will be getting the best results. Nothings changed. Every things just improved. And most will still not put forth the effort no matter what.

Well, after seeing that cow, the stuff kind of scares me. We’re talking genes here! Are we really intellitgent enough to be monkeying around with that? As for me, I’m taking a wait-and-see stance.

I do see your point in that allot of people could try to use it as an easy way out of correct diet, lifting, and dedication, but their are other variables. These lazy, fat people aren’t just going to snap their fingers, and Mr. Olympia appears. Many people will not take it long enough to see any results. Many will still look like slobs even if they are big, you know just like the guys now who mass up year round and are never below 20% because they like being 220. Many will not ever work on the new baby muscles, and therefore will miss out on allot of gains real T-MEN will attain. In the end T-MEN will always be on top of the hill weather it be diet, science, training, dedication and lifestyle. Our hard work should always keep us in the elite, even if the gap is closed by science.

I hear ya loud and clear… I personally agree with a lot of what your saying. Despite knowing the enormous difference that the Myostatin supplement will have on us, the truth and logic remains that those that work hard and are more disciclined with nutrition than others will remain on top. I too feel that I have sacrificed something others have not to gain this appearance, and now perhaps it might take those who have not sacrificed, a little shorter time than what it took me. But self pride and realization that my hard work has paid off is good enough for me. basically, I completely agree with you but if I could be of advice, dont bother with others just know and embrace the fact that you work hard and therefore you will be rewarded…

If everything you stated turns out to be true then I would agree with you 100%. But I have a hard time believing that a slob who eats like shit and never exercises would be freaky huge and ripped by just hindering myostatin. Or a pipe armed dude would look like Flex in two years. Flex would not be anywhere near the size he is without his years of dedication and supplementation. It may be true that their overall muscle mass may increase some, but never to the extend of all of us that put in the time, sweat and pain. Yes, they may have more muscle mass than they would without the myostatin blocker but so would all of us to a much greater extent. From what I understand myostatin keeps muscle cell generation in check, however you need some stimulus to engage muscle cell generation in the first place. We generate a lot of stimulus for muscle growth through training that is hindered by myostatin, this new supplement will keep myostatin from hindering our possible growth giving us more gain from our hard work.

Perhaps you could workout for health? Wow, what a strange concept! Just cause someones got jacked muscles don’t mean his heart aint gonna pop like a zit. Jeeeeez, take it easy bubba.

After reading this the first thought that springs into my head would be how likely is the average person to try the Myostatin Inhibitor? Once you explain how it works to them they will be sacred shitless. Chris Shugart said the average guy is afraid of MAG-10, I bet the average guy will be afraid of this too. Also, Tim P. said that this stuff still wouldn’t be as effective as genuine steroids and would take a year or more of real work before the effects manifest themselves. That would deter the average Joe too. This product is also based on some pretty advanced biotech and chemistry stuff. Most people are a little sketchy about this new fangled biotech stuff. I don’t think we have to worry. The work will still show and set us apart from the average folk.

There’s this show that I watch, and granted it is fantasy/fiction - however there is a saying on it that does speak volumes here: “messing with the dark magic will have consequences.” I look at all these so-called miracle pills as the “dark magic” and man, I don’t want to find out what the consequences will be. I’d rather be strong, fit and healthy in the long run - I’d rather be able to move my TV w/out assistance now, at 36 and 30-years from now at 66. I wanna be able to do all the things I want to do now and again, 30-years from now. I want to live my life in the arena of quality. Which is why I chose a healthy, physically active lifestyle and will stick to it til the day I die.

As for those people who choose to take a pill over doin' the work: They'll more than likely will have to keep taking that pill to remain in that state. I, on the other hand, have the power to change my physique at will. So there. Who's the lucky one here?

Hold on here, you’re putting a few words in Tim’s mouth and jumping to a lot of conclusions. No one is talking about instant muscle gains here. Even Flex still trains and has to eat right (and uses roids still I’m sure) and he has a mutation. This supplement simply sounds like it “removes” the genetic ceiling. So instead of crapping out after you gain 40 pounds of muscle you just keep gaining slowly. Sounds great to me. Can’t wait to try it. But I don’t expect to blow up overnight and I don’t plan on stopping training.

I know what your saying bro. Look at it this way though, when you see some imposter at the squat rack trying to do squats with 225 with a rounded back, chest in, and shoulders apart wait till you hear a horrible scream and a snap then have the last laugh.

Don’t you understand? This isn’t just some pill that you take and after your done all your gains just disappear. We are talking about actually building new muscle fibers! The effects of this substance won’t go away…we’re talking about perminant muscle gain. All I want to know is, when is this coming out?

This supplement is not going to end the fact that it will cost blood, sweat, and tears to gain more muscle. It may build new, permanent muscle fibers, but you’ll still have to work out to make them bigger. This supplement could tip the balance in favour for those of us that aren’t so genetically blessed. I also agree that the general population will not be using this.

dude, i can totally see where you’re coming from and couldn’t agree more about the work ethic - i think its the most important thing i ever learned from picking up a weight. but i don’t think that the new myostatin blockers will be a magic bullet, to the extent that you never have to train. remember that bull had its GENE altered, the blocker just blocks the myostatin protein. Tim says that it should block well more than 10% of the proteins, but even if it blocks 30%, you still won’t turn into the human equivalent of that bull. besides, he said that roids pretty much override the myostatin gene anyway, so i don’t think we’ll see the development of a ‘new species’ of bodybuilder anytime soon. steroids were invented in the 1950s and were legal until 1989. I’m sure that the same work ethic vs pills debate raged then - but even in countries where they’re still legal, not everyone is a buffed up beach stud, by any stretch of the imagination.

Without myostatin — I’m not kidding, now — you’d have a “natural” physique that’d rival a competitive bodybuilder’s - without lifting a finger, let alone a weight. Did you get that?!
You’d be one buff bad-guy without training!

This is from BTS, issue 199. I am not putting any words in Tims mouth. Besides, did you possibly think that the Belgian bull got like that through training? Where, at YMCA?

As for Flex, here:
There are some rare individuals, like Flex Wheeler, for instance, who have a myostatin mutation (Flex’s is at the exon-2 position, which is extra rare) resulting in their ability
to gain extreme amounts of muscle mass in comparison to us average joes.

So, basically, Flexs Myostatin gene is mutated, so he can gain muscle easily through proper stimulus. But this inhibitor is not going to make our genes like his, it is literally going to bind to the Myo gene and prevent it from producing proteins which limit satelite cell growth. Now look at this:

So, the muscle mass gains attained by blocking myostatin, without the use of steroids or pro-steroids, would be noticed over months. Even though progress would be much slower,
however, once the new muscle is formed, the gains would be permanent. Furthermore, you’d have a much greater potential for continued increases. AND:

Even so, this process is so powerful that it can literally transform your physique with an increase in muscle density that otherwise wouldn’t be attainable.

This is what I was reffering to.
And dynosar13, thanks, you have made my day.

I dont think it will just add slabs of muscle to people that dont workout and eat crappy. Even if im wrong and it does its alright cause that doesnt mean that some guy that sits on the couch all day and eats potato chips will have the discipline to get ripped. He will just look like one of those strong fat guys.

For what you’re saying to be true, it would have to inhibit myostatin 100%. I think what we’re hearing is maybe 10% inhibition at best. That means at least 90% myostatin will still prevent excess muscle growth. 90% is still a lot of myostatin governing muscle growth restriction to overcome. I believe this supp will be like a lot of other good supps and just give hard trainers another edge or tool in their arsonal and help mainly the serious hard gainers. And as far as the bull, it had genetic altering therapy which is an entirely different subject and no comparison. The only thing I am a little concerned about is what effect will this myostatin supp have on your heart muscle. As we all don’t want to end up with an enlarged heart - that would be bad. Most of your concerns though, I believe, are not going to come to that degree of fruitation.

Also, let’s remember that Tim made it very clear that this supplement “could” do all of these things but that this is based on “scientific speculation”. In other words, the jury’s still out. Personally, I would like Biotest to wait until they test the stuff for efficacy before they release it. If it must be taken for long periods before results are noticed, as Tim says, then it would be more honorable to wait. The money-back guarantee is something that Biotest can and should be proud of, but I don’t know how they can honor that guarantee for a supp that has only been tested by a handful of people and takes MONTHS to show results. Tim wrote that they would only release it before phase-2 lab research if the T-Mag staff was “blown away” by the results. If they are not, I truly hope that it goes in the proverbial Biotest dumpster. They have brought far too many wonderful products to market to let something like this sour people’s opinions. If the stuff DOES work as well as Tim’s speculation, then Biotest deserves every penny that comes from it.

It will not affect heart muscle. Tim will provide more info in future issues of T-mag.

Chris, I would be more than willing to unselfishly sacrifice my body for the good of science to study any ill effects that the new myostatin supp my cause to protect my fellow Iron Brothers from any unexpected results such as excessive growth. I know all will appreciate this selfless offer on my behalf. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance as I have great guinea pig credentials and full confidence in your new supp.