I say bring this stuff on! C’mon im just creamin my pants thinkin of this stuff… jeez i always get soo excited about new supplements timmy talks about

i wish i could be lab wabbit. i would also like the stuff ASAP but i would want to know how much to take and what to expect.

I second that notion! Bring it out now and let us grow!

I agree, bring it on. We all need to try something for ourselves to see if it works regardless of what type of supplement it is and I want to try this stuff. Let the people who experiement with it, decide if it is works.

Bring it on. I’m not scared, let me be a guinea pig.

Amen! Bring on the mystatin blocker… but I’ll let the rest of you be the guinea pigs, I’ll wait until the testing is over, lol!

Legal and effective. Aussies rejoice we may actually get it!

Bump!! bring it on!

As if the lab rat mentality of bodybuilders would ever say no to anything new. Bring it on!

Personally I am more interested in the real world results then some lab tests. I think what Biotest should do is let us know what their findings were on the test subjects with pictures and data. Then if it proves out to be a realistic change in composition then they should offer it. I would suggest they offer some sort of stack and price it so that it would be cheaper then buying it seperately. Another suggestion would be to give out(or offer a low price) some samples to people willing to be test subjects and get some more real world results before marketing this to the general public. I certainly would be willing to try this when and if this comes out.


As long as the test subjects experience results significant enough so they cannot have been caused by the placebo effect, I say produce the supplement – even before Biotest finishes its studies. But be prepared to issue customers a refund or credit if the supplement doesn’t pan out (it’s only fair, since if you report good results, then people will be buying the product expecting to experience the same results).

As an older lifter, I am trying hard regain some of the fitness I lost due to being distracted by business. So I am searching for supplements to help.
Yes, I would be very interested in this product and it’s effects on older lifters.

What kind of price are we talkin’? I’ve gotta feed the family 1st. How long would one need to use it to notice results. Mag-10 is great but is on the edge of affordablity for some of us. If this substance costs as much or more for a similar effect I can’t afford it. But if it proves to provide solid results for a reasonable price bring it on!

Hey, if I could get some free supplies to be a guinea pig I’d be up for it. I’ve always dreamed of being mutated. Heck, sometimes my underwear glows in the dark, so why not get the rest of my body to do the same.

I agree bring it on!!! I would also like to be a lab rat for myostatin blocker!!!

I’m interested…

I admire Time’s saavy: “This stuff could be awesome…But should we proceed with it? Email me if you want it!” Brilliant marketing! I’m curious, myself, having never learned much about myostatin. But I was under the impression that blocking myostatin would be more advantageous during youth development than during adulthood?

I think they need to do the lab testing first. Biotest has a great reputation for effective supplements; and they need to keep it that way. One of their philosiphy’s has always been “safety first”. They may end up having a golden egg with this product, but they should stay true to their word on proper research and safety.

Does anybody have an idea what this new supplement is? I did a quick check on Medline and Current Contents. Found a few substances that apparently antagonize myostatin activity, but nothing that fit Patterson’s description.

Yeah I say bring it on, give it to us at cost for us to try and get feedback from. I’m so ready for it, after I saw I pic of that cow I was like SHIT son, this is going to be some good shit.