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Hi Everybody, I’ve been reading the T-Forum for about 3 weeks now and I am very impressed with the amount of info that is passed around. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody has used MyoStat by BioTest. I’m going on my 4th wk of use and am hoping it does what it says it does.
Any help would be much appreciated. THANKS!

Do a search for “Myostat results” in the search engine to your lower-left. Bill Roberts started a thread on this a few weeks ago where I and others posted some of our prelim results. You should get a few other hits as well. Did you also check out last week’s online issue?

I’ve used it standing alone as well as in conjunction with Methoxy7 and 4AD-EC. I’ve been very pleased. It definitely helps to lean you out while allowing you to add a little muscle (I’ve been cutting for a good while). It is a gradual process, however.