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I’ve been reading a lot about Myostat and it seems almost too good to be true. Has anyone used Myostat and gotten good results? I know its relatively new and thats why i want some feedback. Im an athlete that’s drug tested and this can’t be a banned substance so would this be something good to use to gain muscle?

myostat has only been out for… I’d say 3 weeks… so umm… that’s not enough time to asses its value yet. Biotest is a good company, if you want to forumulate that opinion by yourself taste some grow or use mag-10 or just eat their t-mag.

You’re not really going to find anybody who has experienced significant results from Myostat yet. The product has just come out, and it’s and results are much slower (but permanant) than results from using Androgens (such as Mag-10). It’s going to be a couple of months yet, but the research looks promising. I wouldn’t hold off getting started (if your a serious lifter) simply because you want to hear what other people say about it first.

I believe the biotest guys when they say their supplement binds to myostatin. However the big question in my mind is what this means. Does this mean it will be cleared out by the body or will it simply become unbound and recirculate. Also, will the body be able to sense that their is less myostatin and make more?