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I was curious, does the CSP-3 initiate new muscle cell growth all over your body or just at the muscles that are being stressed. The reason I ask is because I would like to bring some lagging msucles up to par instead of just looking the same and being bigger. Thanks in advance.

I am also interested in this. Bump.

See the new Roundtable article. I think they refer to this a little.

All over… I recently e-mailed Dr. Se Jin Lee, the co-author of the very first paper published on myostatin in Nature, and the good doctor said that myostatin can act systemically but she or he? is not sure if that is the primary action. So, based on that reply, I’m led to believe that all muscles will be affected. Good luck.

Just remember, Ryan, your “little buddy” isn’t a muscle.

It may just be a coincidence, but I’ve been doing myostat for 3 weeks, and just arms shoulders only exercise, but I’m getting some slight development all over