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Has anyone tried Myostat? If so, describe your experience with the product.

I just order three bottles and I can’t wait to use it!

Bump this in 2-3 months and we’ll let you know.

It’s still early in the game…check back in a month or so, when people have been on it a little longer.

I started using MyoStat a little over a week ago. I really haven’t noticed anything. Of course, it is hard because I am just ending a deca cycle so it is still in my system. Therefore, it’s hard to distinguish what gains came from what. However, I am excited about the product and feel it is going to work great. I can’t wait to use it with mag10 in a couple of months! I am going to try to use MyoStat all of the time (until I get to where I want to be, of course), much like ZMA and my multivitamin.

It’s only been out for a couple of weeks, so no one has used it long enough to see any results yet. It will be about 2 months before the results posts come marching in!

I was thinking about it, Tim writes a very persuasive passage (see Myostasin Projects 1 and 2) but he emphasizes the importance of STICKING TO IT, ie 4 or so bottles (2 months), otherwise, don’t waste our CSP-3. Good point. I will give it a go, but I will have to save my pennies. Got some MAG-10, currently on my ‘off’ cycle, can’t wait to start it. Keep us posted on this.

I have had three bottles for the past week, and am planning on using them starting on the 15th of this month. I know the results are slow, but i am surprised that nobody has posted anything yet. I would like to here some feed back on Myostat good, bad, or indifferent. Any answers would be appreciated.

it just came out.

Too early to tell.Will report back in 6 weeks.