What about using MyoStat during a cutting phase? Couldn’t this solve the problem of gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time since you are creating new muscle cells. Would creatine work well with MyoStat too from the cell voulmizing aspect. Wouldn’t this push more water into the new cells to expand them faster? A couple of interesting questions I think.

I would like to see what others think about this…

I would also like to hear the answer to this question. I am in a cutting phase now, but was wondering if myostat could help with it and also reduce size loss

Word up… BUMP!!!

From Tim’s article in the current issue of T-mag:

"All of the animal studies
show that decreased myostatin levels result in a lot less
body fat. In fact, the study I mentioned earlier shows that
animals with lower myostatin levels have anywhere from
33-50% less body fat, regardless of diet! Researchers
indicate that this may be due to increased insulin sensitivity
in skeletal muscle that’s brought about by low levels of

                      Bottom line, if you neutralize the effects of myostatin long
                      enough, you can literally attain a much more-muscular, and
                      leaner, condition that otherwise wouldn't be possible."

screw it, i’m going to do it… as soon as i get it…

Safe for women…right…right…RIGHT?

I must ask this question....I MUST! ;-)