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How much can one expect to gain from Myostat? The article says it will be less than gains from MAG-10, but how much less? What would be the factors involved?


I think it would be tough to put a number on it. As I understand it, this stuff basically removes or suspends the genetic ceiling allowing you to keep gaining and even creating some new and permanent muscle cells (which as Tim said in the new issue could still atrophy if you don’t train.) So I don’t think anyone can say you’ll gain “X” amount in “X” amount of time.

Wouldn’t this product be useful to quite advanced bodybuilders only? I mean, if you are far from your genetic potential, it makes a lot more sense to wait until you are closer to it to use myostat or else you are wasting your money. I don’t know I am very sceptic about this product and the results it is supposed to yield…

I plan to try it in the fall during my “bulk” cycle at this time I plan to specialize on weak body parts in hope of causing new muscle growth in those areas.
Chris, do you think this is a go approach? Should I combine it with Mag-10?

One other thing to keep in mind though is that myostatin is a big part of the reason as to why it takes so long to even achieve your “genetic” potential…eventually it will not let you get any bigger, but it sure as hell isnt doing you any favors on the way there either…bottom line…if it works, and will let you add “new” muscle…youve got more muscle to hypertrophy…when you workout, you tear your muscle…and then you build it back…myostatin inhibits that ability to rebuild…so personally i dont see a problem taking it before youre at your genetic potential…but thats just my opinion.

This product would be useful to anyone who has matured fully and is no longer building new satellite and muscle cells. It doesn’t matter where you are in regard to your genetic potential. Of course, no person can predict a number on how much Myostat will allow you to gain.