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Myostat What Is The Dosage ??

3 bottles for about $140 isn’t a bad deal. But with 40 pills a bottle, how many do you take a day ??? (i want to plan on buying enough all at once for 6 months) 1 pill a day ? 2 pills a day ?? 3 pills twice a day ???

2 pills/day.

Ok,3 bottles would be enough for 2 months(60 days)40 pills/bottle,40 pills X 3 bottles = 120 pills. 120 pills = 60 days.2 pills/day.Not too hard to figure out

tho more importantly… what time to take these doodsies? after workout? before bed? what about off days…

If you couldn’t figure it out from the article, you shouldn’t be taking Myostat.