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myostat, tribex, or m

I am an university student and funds are limited. I can only afford to get 2 suppplements other than creatine and protein. So out of the three what two should I buy, tibex, myostat, or M. Thanx

Spend your money on food, eat big/clean and train hard/smart. Stick with creatine and Grow products and you’ll be just fine. At your age you probably have plenty of T floatin around, but if you must add one more I would say Tribex.

Tribex/M, without a doubt! Myostat is a long term investment, and $$ at that. Look at Powerdrive as well.

Fish oils, antioxidant/multivitamin, and lots of quality food.

got to say i love tribex, m and mystat but if i were a univ student w/ a limited budget i’d stick w/ grow, surge and powerdrive. powerdrive really helped my routine and a bottle lasts a while. surge is much the same, i like it the most of all the products although the results i’m seeing, a pound of muscle every two weeks for the last 4 months - when i started in on supplements, wouldn’t be there w/o GROW.

you probably have enough T to do w/o the Tribex and M since you’re young. ZMA is probably a better bet for you.

also, hit the low fat cottage cheese on your supermarket shelf. one tub a day and eat a whole chicken, or a big fish fillet for dinner. no shit… it’s about protein and real food is a great source.
people who become supplement dependent forget that too easily. pork, which is very lean, chicken breasts, red meat etc…

if you decide to try to eat right, you have to cook for yourself, it isn’t hard, especially if you’re trying to pack on lbs w/ protein. that “set it and forget it” rotissire that one sees on TV is a real boon. it makes good food and removes a lot of fat from the average american chicken. i don’t use it for anything else, except duck once, but it does really well with birds.

If you have a limited budget, but you want to invest in a good supplement program I suggest the following:

  1. Tribex-500

  2. “M”

  3. Flax seed/Fish oil

  4. Multivitamins and minerals

Add that to a lot of good clean food and you’ll have a solid foundation.

At your age? I’d buy Surge.