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myostat+ training


When taking myostat, should one train functionally or structurally? I am training for strength right now, so will the myostat help me build more white twitch muscle fibers? Or should I do a mix of hypertrophy and strength training to get the most out of the product?



I kind of get the feeling that this myostat or myoblast stuff doesn't work. I am not speaking from personal experience but no one talks about it ever, so it must not be producing very good results. Good thing I only got it for 10 bucks.


Come on , someone give me the low down on this shiz.


Hey, there, Bi. Since I don't know the science behind how Myostat does what it does, you'd best not take my advice. (grin)

If you'd like the best of both worlds, though (hypertrophy and strength), take a look at some of Chad Waterbury's work. I'm doing ABBH and have seen some pretty amazing strength increases as well as hypertrophy.

My understanding re Myostat is that it's more of a long-term commitment, compared to Mag-10 which makes its effects known more quickly. I would imagine that along with your workout and supplementation some HIIT cardio would be complementary on two different levels: Increasing the capillary network will make for more efficient delivery of nutrients to the muscles worked out, as well as more efficient removal of waste. Two, HIIT, if I remember correctly from something I read in one of Fred Hatfield's books increases the number of (muscle)cellular mitochondria.

Good luck to you!!!


I'll second the Waterbury recommendations, but will ask how HIIT increases capillary density, and if it does how would it increase it in anything other the muscles directly used?

Capillary density is generally increased through endurance training.

To answer the original question, I really don't think Myostat products have panned out. Another example of theory not matching up with results.


I'll second (third?) that.