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Myostat Q's

Everyone seems to be focusing on the size aspects of taking Myostat, which is logical considering most people’s goals on here (bodybuilding). But I’m curious as to how increasing the number of muscle fibers (via Myostat) versus hypertrophy, etc. can impact strength & endurance levels.

jake - i really can’t speak to the scientific aspects of this topic, but i can give you my take based on experience. i have been lifting seriously for a little over three years now and about two years ago i switched over to a low rep (10, 8, 6, 4) heavy weight scheme (all or bust). more of a powerlifting type protocol. prior to this i used a higher rep (15, 12, 10, 8) lighter weight scheme. more of a traditional bodybuilder hypertrophy scenario.

let me tell you it’s like night and day. when i trained for hypertrophy i was much more prone to size and strength loss due to lack of muscle volume. which really sucked if i was sick or on the road for any amount of time. if i couldn’t constantly be on top of my training and maintaining my “pump” so to say i was screwed. with the protocol change i am a bit smaller, but much more dense and extremely tight. even when i am not fully volumized i have all the strength i want. the difference between my pumped state and cold state is very little and creatine has little to no affect on me anymore. i believe my strength is “real” strength now as opposed to strength/leverage due to increased water volume. gains are painfully slow, but when my strength goes up it NEVER goes down. i never change my protocol whether i am leaning or growing. i never weaken while leaning even though i may due loads of cardio.

all in all i am glad i switched over and will never go back. i am now on myostat, so we’ll see if my progress quickens. hope i made sense. kevo

Anyone else have any opinions on this? Really like to get some feedback from Bill and others if possible.