Myostat Product Question

Perhaps this a little early to be asking about a product that nobody knows anything about, but I just ordered my 3 bottles. I rarely, if ever, bulk for 2 months straight. I might do 3 weeks bulking, a couple weeks dieting, repeat, or something in a similar fashion. Tim said it takes about 2 months to begin noticing the effects. Does this mean it actually takes 2 months until the gene is inhibited enough for the product to work, or is it just we shouldn’t expect to really see the noticeable and keepable results until around the 2 month point? I would get way too fat for my liking if I bulked for 2 months straight. I am currently half way through a cycle of test and fina, and want to use this stuff for the last 5 weeks of my cycle. Would there be any point in me using the stuff during my clomid therapy and recovery phase of 3 weeks, where I won’t be gaining muscle, if anything losing a bit? After that I plan on dieting for 3 weeks, which I doubt there is any point using it then. So there is a 6 week break after my 5 weeks use, and I have 3 weeks left of product. All and all I am just asking if it needs to be taken that long just to work, or is that to just see it and notice it work? Thanks :slight_smile:

This brings up an interesting point. Is Myostat going to work during cutting cycles as well? Seems like it would (inhibition is inhibition, no matter what your diet’s like), but if anyone has a more informed opinion I’m sure everyone would enjoy hearing it…

Would like to know the answer to this too, thanks.

This is a very interesting subject. I’m actually working on the genetics part of trying to repress the gene for therapeutical uses. This myostat supp sounds like it has awesome potential! Anyways, I’m going to jump the gun and assume that whether your dieting or not, it shouldn’t affect the results of the supp. Myostatin (in this context) is involved in hyperplasia, or the increase in number of myotubes. When you go on a cutting cycle, what ultimately happens is reverse hypertrophy. So, if you were to take myostat on a cutting cycle, you should still increase hyperplasia but decrease hypertrophy. When you bulk up again, you’ll be able to get bigger than before. Shit, this is all hypothetical of course, we’ll just have to wait and see.

From what Tim has written, MyoStat is for the long term. If it does as it is supposed to, as outlined in the last couple of weeks, it makes sense to start it as soon as possible and stay on it through all cycles, whether it is bulking, cutting, using anabolics, etc. I suspect that it isn’t the product for those seeking instant gratification since it is not touted as being a hypertrophic aid but may be well suited to the long term player interested in the ability to build a retainable physique over an extended period of time. What could be very interesting is if the product is cumulative, ie, the longer you are on it, the more new muscle fiber it can create. In other words, with a combination of hypertrophy, thru training, and hyperplasia, thru the use of MyoStat, the gains could become exponential as your length of time consistently using it increases, up to, of course, some genetic limitation which can never be totally supressed. Who knows, maybe I can win the Mr. O at age 90 yet!

Thanks for your replies guys, however I still didn’t get the answer I really wanted. Can anyone chime in? Does it take 60 days until it starts working or 60 days until you notice it working? Is it working the day you take it kinda thing? Can I take it for 3 weeks of bulking, go off a few weeks dieting, and go back on when bulking, and still have it be effective all the time whenever I bulk even if it hasn’t been 60 days consistent usage? Thanks!

from the “Myostatin and Dieting” thread Bill Roberts posted the following:

"The way that inhibiting myostatin can help build muscle is that instead of few or no satellite cells at any given time differentiating into mature muscle cells, more will. But it may take conditions where such differentiation is already being reasonably stimulated, where it’s already close to being triggered in these cells that, without Myostat, wouldn’t quite be triggered.
And the benefit cannot be a rapid one, but a slow cumulative one.

Whether there’s a benefit in non-bulking weeks is unknown. It may be that it’s of benefit whenever training is hard, but I don’t know myself. I’d tend to think though that dieting conditions may not be a productive time."

hope this helps a bit. kevo

I know that I am waiting to finish my cutting cycle before I use myostat. I want to devote my energy to building muscle rather than losing fat while on this supplement…For Jay - Based on what Tim Patterson has said, once you start taking this product, you need to stay on it at least 60 days, so I would not stop taking it during your cutting cycles. I would suggest cutting bodyfat to approximately where you want and then start taking the supplement with the goal of gaining mass.

Surely hyperplasia is no different to hypertrophy in the sense that all creative stuff your body does takes energy to happen. That being the case I would have expected Myostat to be far more productive in a bulking than cutting cycle. As for the 60 day thing, my understanding from the article was that it might take this long to notice any benefits, not that it took this long to start working. Personally I would save it for this bulking cycle unless you have money to burn.

Based on the information presented to us, I can really only speculate. I should have been more clear in my first post. T-Bam, you’re right in that it does not take 2 months before it starts to work. There might be results much sooner, but to what extent I don’t know. I’m saving mine for a 2 month long well planned out bulking cycle. I would not split the dosage into 5weeks and 3weeks like Jay is asking. Maybe, it takes a cumulative dose that accrues over time to get the most effect and the first few weeks is just getting enough into the system and the action is occuring later. Maybe I’m totally wrong and it starts working from day 1. I trust the guys at Biotest and I will take them at their word. Bulk for 8 weeks straight. Sounds fun to me. I wouldn’t split up the dose until I know more about the time course and mechanisms of action.