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Myostat or Mag-10

I can only afford to use one of them. Which one do you guys recommend? I am 6’4 235-240, body fat is probably around 12 or so. I want to get lean but also would like additional muscle, like everyone. Any help would be great.

If your goal is “fast” muscle gain and fat loss, I would recommend you go with the mag-10 on a slightly hypercaloric diet (i.e. 300-500 calories over maintainance).

how much loot do you have. i’ve seen 3 bottles of mag-10 for $165 on an online retailer. myostat is for the long haul. and biotest said you need to take it for 8 weeks inorder to see results. I’d go for the mag-10. laters pk

MAG-10 !!!

MAG-10 without a doubt. Good luck, outlaw.