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Myostat on rest weeks

Hey guys. I wanted to see if you guys can help me figure out if I should take myostat during my active rest week. I’ve just completed 12 weeks of the bring the pain series by Ian king, which gave me amazing results by the way, especially with myostat. Now its time to take a rest. I’ll only be stretching and doing some light cardio 3x a week. I plan on using myostat for 9 more months and I’m trying to figure out if I should rest from it that week and then continue after my rest week or should I keep taking it until I decide to stop. I usually don’t take any supplements that week to allow my body to rest and recover. T-Staff or T-Men please help.

Well, since you’re growing during recovery periods, I’d say to keep using it.

I must admit that I’m still quite doubtful of Myostat, BUT, it claims to work by assisting satellite cell activation. These things only really activate when the muscles are under stress - which won’t happen when you’re taking a break. On the other hand, there might be a “loading” effect which would be ruined if you stopped taking it

I honestly don’t think there’s enough information among the readers for us to help you.

Yep, I would keep taking it. It’s a different type of sup.

I’ve noticed more consistent results when using Myostat continually, as opposed to not using it during periods of lower intensity training.

take it for atleast one day after you are done. if you are still sore then keep taking it. then stop and start again when you start training again. laters pk

It looks like you’re linking microtrauma to DOMS, which is not a bad idea, I guess. But I’m thinking that only DOMS derived from a heavy session would be a good indicator. We could get sore from 20 sets of 10 reps, but I don’t think we’d cause much myosin microtrauma.