First of all, since sport’s nutrition is not regulated by FDA standards, I think it is comendable for Biotest to investigate and publish scientific data to support their products. Podge CSP-3 IS the active ingredient in Myostat, in fact it is the only ingredient and the compound which is responsible for the inhibitory effects on myostatin gene. Please reference the product description and “The Myostatin Project” The most probable reason for conducting studies in Russia is the extreme cost and regulation of experimental muscle biopsy…come on, do you really think Americans would even consider these etreme measures for sport nutrition??..not without a hefty price tag, that’s for sure.
Lumpy, it is pretty standard, at least in the medical journals I have read, for studies to begin by determining the minimal effective dosing protocol, before optimal dose schedules are determined-hence the 1gram/day. from what is indicated in the article, this is the first in vivo study conducted (P=1 for Poman) and if the article is read closely, we also see that that the athletes had taken no other supplements at all for a period of 4 months prior to the study.
In short…geez, try it you might like it!