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MYOSTAT on Netrition.com

OK, CSP-3 is the one and only ingredient in Myostat. As for doing these tests in Russia, any test including muscle biopsies which is extremely accurate is very expensive here in the US, but in Russia it is must cheaper. I believe the name Zakir is the name of the discoverer of Myostat. It also said in the article that more studies are being done.

I can vouch for the Myostat, being I have been using it for over 8 months and I am very happy. I have seen a huge increase in definition in my upper body as well as a large increase in strength. In my opinion Myostat is worth the time and money. Biotest has always been a reputable company, so why be this skeptical on Myostat. I really don’t think Biotest would release any products unless they knew without a doubt it would work.