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MYOSTAT on Netrition.com

without references, no “scientific study” is not worth the paper its printed on… IMO… by the way, what’s with all the German/Russian names ??? no Americans tested ??..CSP-3 was tested, not Myostat. Maybe there’s no difference at all since Myostat has CSP-3, but maybe there could be… I think Biotest needs to conduct their own study of their Myostat product ! I’ve expressed intrest in this since my Methoxy post back on Nov. 2. on being a part of a Myostat study. Even if it happens and I don’t get picked for something like that, i know several of us would love to know for sure if this stuff works or not… needs to be 50-100 participants over a 6 month time period. Shit, let’s find out for real if this stuff works.