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MYOSTAT on Netrition.com

If I read this correctly, results were seen at levels of 1gram a day (2 caps total). Which brings up one of my big questions about Myostat: is it better to take 2 caps a day for a longer period, than it is to take 4 caps a day for a shorter period? The dosage seems to indicate “one or two caps twice a day” if I am not mistaken. If I can get results on 2 caps a day, then I can possibly afford to try Myostat at some point. Otherwise, I may have to pass for the time being. My next step will be try the Mag10 Plan for Success, after I lean out more. I’m wondering if adding 2 caps of Myostat a day in addition, will have a big enough impact on top of Mag10, to justify the extra spending. Comments on dosage and length of dosage would be especially appreciated.