Are muscle fibers built by hyperplasia the same as pre-existing fibers? Do they have the same contractile strength? Are fast or slow twitch fibers more likely to “replicate”?

good luck with answers to these questions.

Is there even any real proof that hyperplasia even happens much less any answers to your questions?

question on myostat…whats the feedback been with this product?

It takes a long time to kick in. Some have to wait up to 5 months for it to kick in. I think till they speed up the process, it’ll never be a great product.

I tried Myostat for about 3 months. No boost to report.

I’d use it, but it is supposed to take a very long time (2-3 months) before any sort of results will become apparent.

And it’s pricey… I’d rather spend my dough on a tribex/m stack because the results are more tangible.

I personally have been very happy with my results from Myostat. I also have been taking it for about 2 years. I think it is an awesome product and could be one of the most beneficial products for anyone trying to increase LBM, however the product needs to be used at least 6 months to a year and even longer to see full benefit. It took about a good 6 months before I really started to notice the changes and after a year the changes were extremely noticeable.

Myostat is not a product for someone looking to put on muscle fast. But if someone is looking to really increase their potential of building more muscle by creating new muscle cells, that are permanent, then give Myostat a try.

Wow, two year old post gets bumped! Oh well, here’s my input anyway.

Myostat and related supps: The best feedback I’ve heard comes mainly from natural competitive bodybuilders who’ve hit their true genetic peaks. Most of these men and women report gains in “hard to reach” muscle groups that have remained the same size for years. All used the max dosage for several months. So that part sounds good. Also, the study T-mag posted a while back looks really promising.

However, I don’t think most people need to mess with supplements like this. There’s just not much bang for the buck. Sure, if you can afford it or you’re at your peak and compete, go for it. Can’t hurt and will likely help a little. But I think most people would be much better off spending their supplement dollar on Grow!, Surge, and other staples.

Personal experience: I took the max serving for several months and noticed an improvement in my calves even though I didn’t do anything drastic in terms of training them. That was nice, but I personally wouldn’t spend my money on this supplement. High cost, not much benefit.

Think about it, most people simply don’t get enough protein. Without adequate protein, why mess with any other supplement? Re-read my old “Bodybuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs” article for more on that.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the input Chris!

Teela: how have you measured the “full benefit”

I didn’t even notice this was a 2 year old thread…I didn’t bump it…who did?

Chris tells it like it is.

Part of the reason why there is a loyal following here.

I’d a said this:

I used to juice and was stuck at 200lbs, then 6 months after myostat I hit the elusive 300lb mark. Post cycle I’m sitting at 285.

My way of measurement is prior to using Myostat, I was really weak in my arm definition. Basically, no noticeable bicep or tricep definition. Adding Myostat into my regimen was the only thing that really changed and, about 6 months into my usage, I started noticing tricep definition and then bicep definition. As time progressed the results were more noticeable. Strength also increased tremedously.

Now, I have very good genetics when it comes to legs, but since using Myostat I am noticing a lot more separation in my quads. This was very nice to see!

I have been taking the full dose of Myostat for almost a year now. It has really helped add some nice size to my quads and my calves.

It’s a great supp if you have the cash to be on it this long.

"I used to juice and was stuck at 200lbs, then 6 months after myostat I hit the elusive 300lb mark. Post cycle I’m sitting at 285. "

Maybe I missed it, but you gaine 100 pounds where? In your squat? bench? bodyweight (now that would be a hell of a testament to the product!)?


Errr, uhmmm, you do know that the above was a joke right? No seriously, the guy was joking with that statement. He was giving Chris props for being honest about their products versus how he and most companies do market their products.

You really sound like you’re having some doubts about this product, maybe you shouldn’t buy any?

Those saying they saw good gains from 1-2 years of use how do you know these gains were caused or even helped by this product?

I agree with shugart in that it may help someone who has reached their genetic peak, and unfortunatly this may be the only good way to test the theory behind it. Another unfortunate thing this kind of testing is damn near impossible.

and saying myostatin gave you definition in your arms after two year… any decent training and diet routine for that long will make very noticable changes in all but people in the elite fitness status.

I usually see a noticable reduction in body fat about 3 to 4 weeks after using myostat provided that I don’t abuse my diet.

It’s funny, but I’ve also see improvements in my calves, but this seems to take closer to 8 weeks.

Good supplement, but it isn’t going to give mag10-like effects.

2 years ago my walking around weight was ~260. I started taking Myostat and have been since. My current walking around weight is ~285 at the same or lower bodyfat than at 260. And 2 years ago I already had 7 years of “smart” training under my belt and 11 years in the gym and thought I had pretty closely reached my genetic potential. I think the Myostat works, but not overnight. It is a long term commitment.