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Myostat (more the better?)

Hey there fellow myostatians. After reading the myostatin roundtable earlier this week i was left wondering what would be effects of more than 1000mg ED! Would it inhibit myostatin more giving better results!? or would am I only able to absorb so much of this stuff before I shit it out. This all fascinates me so much…I’m giving a report on myostat monday in my human phys class! anyway I hope this stuff turns me into a Freak. Traing Hard, ScottyDog

I was pondering the same thing… sometimes I wonder things like: what would happen if I drank the whole mag-10 bottle… would my head explode? or would I be aight since I’m a tough son of a monkey?

Well, I’ve tried this with all the Biotest products.

Androsol - taking one bottle all at once made my skin flake off until nothing was left but my skeletal structure. I had reconstructive surgery to reattach some new skin.

Mag 10 - I went running around town until every window in every car and every house was broken out. I was thrown in jail, but luckily the evidence on a few of the car’s windows was tampered with so I got out.

Tribex - After taking a whole bottle of this at once, I had to go in and have one of those injections they stick in your penis to get rid of a perpetual hard-on.

MD6 and T2 original - I took a whole bottle of each of these all at once and I spontaneously combusted. Luckily, it was cold outside so I just rolled in the snow to put out the flames.

Surge - I went into insulin shock and I started saying repeatidly, “I need teepee for my bunghole, I need teepee for my bunghole!!!”

Methoxy 7 - A whole bottle of this wasn’t quite as exciting. I just started seeing flashes of what Britney Spears would look like after taking Myostat after 5 years. Scary!!

Myostat - As soon as I got this, I downed all three bottles. About three hours later I had to call the fire department to use the jaws of life to pry me out of my car.

M - I think I actually started emitting testosterone from my body because every woman I came in contact with was becoming very aggressive and wanting to deadlift my car. Crazy thing is, a few were able to do it. I think they might have lacked a little estrogen to begin with though (you know the kind that shave… their face).

Grow! - After a whole box of this in one sitting, I had the sudden urge to work at McDonalds and secretly replace their vanilla shakes with Grow!

Power Drive - My brain suddenly felt weird and started sparking out my ears after a whole tub of this. I then had the ability to alter people’s thoughts and read their minds. After the effects wore off I had a terrible headache though. I think the headache occured as a result of trying to read the mind of Tim and T.C. though. I think they had a block on their brains by taking just as much Power Drive themselves.

ZMA - I took a whole bottle before going to bed last night. I had a dream of what it would be like to take all of the Biotest products at once (the whole container of every one of them). After taking them all I wrote this post.

Moral of the story… stick to recommended dosages. :slight_smile:

saxman you are one crazed wombat during annual crazed wombat day… hehehe…

I think that an increased dosage might have a better effect but I’m not that sure. The reason why I’ve come to this conclusion is based on the data from a paper, (McPherron and Lee March 2002 vol 109 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation) the effect of myostatin on muscle mass is dose-dependent.

But I still don’t know the pharmacokinetics of MYOSTAT… it can all depend.

I wonder the same thing. There might not have been enough time to figure what the optimal dosage is. Maybe larger doses would inhibit more myostatin. Maybe smaller more frequent dosages would work better. It would probably also depend on the half-life of Myostat in the body.

I’m thinking that you would get diminishing returns from increasing the dosage. It seems to be that way for everything.