Myostat Mag 10

How much muscle could I maintain after doing a 6 week cycle of myostat and mag 10? How much strength would I maintain. (I am a 20yr old athlete).

5.32 lbs. exactly.

Machine if you are going to post numbers, then proceed to round them up DO NOT FREAKIN SAY EXACTLY! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THIS GUY WILL GAIN 5.31873456334 pounds doing this EXACT! cycle.

guys c’mon, i dont think youre speaking from direct experience here, I have in fact done this already, yes already, even though myostat has just been released. I gained an exact 6.243 pounds of muscle and this is the exact amount someone else would gain, no doubt about it yessiree.

Just in case you don’t get it, these guys are busting your chops because there are far too many factors involved to put exact or even estimated numbers on this. Much has to do with how you handle your diet and not the actions of the supplements.

Dumb question! No one knows how much you will gain. Everyone has different results.

People who use Myostat with mag-10, with proper nutrition and diet regiment may gain up to 40 pounds of lean body mass in as little as 12 weeks… (key words: “may” and “up to”… your typical supplement ad has these words in them)… since your exact word use is “maintain”… i’d say you’d “maintain” most of whatever you have. well, of course, that determines if your calories, training, sleep, sex, work, etc… are “maintained”… dude, be specific.