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MYOSTAT is in the mail!!!

Hello, all.

I can’t wait to try this stuff!!! The only reason I’ve created this thread is that I have a number of questions for the Biotest customer support people (that I’m sure you all would like to know). I will post the answers when I speak to them later (it’s only 5:00 am right now in Colorado).

Among my questions are:

  1. Should you use Tribex and M along with Myostat, or is it not needed.
  2. Can you use Methoxy-7 with Myostat, or is that no longer needed as well.
  3. Should you still consume vast amounts of protein or can you cut down.
  4. They recommend the same type of training regimen as if you were taking Mag-10; that is, two weeks hard / two weeks recovery. I want some clarity on that.

I will post the answers as soon as I speak with customer service. LONG LIVE BIOTEST!!!

I just found out that no one is there in Saturdays to answer my questions. Oh, well. I’ll just get in touch with them on Monday and will post the answers then.

from what all i’ve read, (and still know little about)… it seems to me you can stack it with just about anything, since it has a totally different way of working with muscle cells. i’m planning on taking it for 6 months straight. (fair shot for this product) the first two months will be during my cutting phase, to get the ball rolling. then i’m going to take off of all supplements except myostat for a couple of weeks, then hit mag-10 and diet hard with it… see what happens.


Point well taken. Stacking other products with Myostat would probably hasten your results, but if someone told me that you can reap all the benefits by just using Myostat (and Mag-10 once every 6 weeks), I’d do that to save a little cash.

I’m really hoping that’s what they’ll tell me when I speak to them. If they say that you can get results twice as fast if you use Mag-10, Tribex, M, Methoxy-7, etc. along with Myostat, I’ll probably use all of the above and to hell with the wallet!

Did you say you’re going to diet hard? Probably not a good idea if you want to test out the MYOSTAT’s effectiveness. It would be better to try to gain than lose.

take any supplement that would induce hypertrophy. with your new “muscle tissue” you’ll want to make those suckers explode!!! This is the resoning for taking mag 10. cutting up/dieting shouldn’t have an effect on hyperplasia, more like muscle atrophy.

Mike - All Myostat will do is “allow NEW muscle cells to form”. Stacking it with ANYTHING will make those new cells grow quicker. With more lean body mass (muscle) you’ll need more protein keep growing consistently. DON’T CUT DOWN ON PROTEIN, or you’ll NEVER grow using virtually any product. Just train in whatever way is recommended to induce an environment condusive to hyperplaysia, that’s when Myostat will be most effective. Podge - gotta agree with Machine here, you’re wasting $$$ on using Myostat while dieting. Perhaps not in an absolute sense (if you train hard enough you’ll probably induce hyperplaysia), but I don’t think the training done during cutting up is right to get this effect. I’d wait until I was bulking up. Good idea going to 6 months though. If only we could get this stuff in Oz…

how many pills of myostat do you have to take a day for optiminal dosage?

It would surprise me if we can’t get Myostat in Aus. I realise it will not be comercially imported, but I would expect to be able to import it personally. Not long ago I queried Theraputic Goods (TGA) regarding the legality of importing T2 and T2Pro and got the OK (I then ordered 3 months supply of both and received them no problems).
Considering Myostat is primarily Algae, I wouldn’t expect TGA to object. When Netrition lists the ingredients, I will probably hassle TGA about this one as well.

I need to amend something I wrote earlier - Myostat will help each muscle cell continue growing when it would normally have the process short circuited. This is all in the literature folks, I’m not preaching anything new…

Is there a minimum age before one can use this supplement?

Yeh, What’s the dosage or cycle?
I couldn’t find a scan or copy of the label anywhere.

Ok, I’ll take everyone’s recommendation about waiting after the cutting phase to take it, after more consideration and what all others have said, it makes more sense. But since it works a lot slower in making mass gains, it seems silly to me to do the same diet, less 500 calories, that you would do while on mag-10. it seems typical to gain a little fat while on the 500g. carb/400g protein with mag-10, but while on Myostat alone, maybe it would make more sense to keep the 400g. protein, but do the carbs at around 250g. which would put you at 1000 calories less than the mag-10 diet.

Figuring dosage is simply a matter of doing the math. Three bottles is a 60 day supply; so @ 40/bottle, that’s 120 pills divided by 60, which equates to 2/day (i.e. 1,000mg). Cheers

If it takes 60 days for this stuff to kick in (per the article), wouldn’t it be wise to start it while you’re in your cutting phase. By the time this stuff is ready in your system, you’ll switch to a mass cycle and reap the benefits.

Taking myostat during a cutting cycle or a bulking cycle won’t matter… hyperplasia is hyperplasia. Your “cycle” will affect hypertrophy (dec/inc).

I wished there was more research and human testing on Myostat before release to the public. If there is, I’d like to see it somewhere. At least Biotest offers a 100% MBG. And I don’t feel that since Myostat works totally different than MAG-10, that you should diet close to the same for it. I would like to know who all was involved with the development of it, and the time spent. Even though I’ve already put in my order, I still can’t feel but a bit skeptical.

Eibreh- It doesn’t take 60 days to “kick in”, but it may take 60 days before you see what it’s doing- creating new and permanent muscle! This is not an instant gratification supplement, but should prove much better than creatine ever thought to be in the long run.

Does anyone know when Biotest’s phase two trials are due to be complete?

OK, I went ahead and ordered some, but I am wondering this… If this product is supposed allow new muscle cells to develop, isn’t it going to take much longer than a couple of months to see results? These are brand new muscle cells that are not developed like the muscle cells we already have. Aren’t the new muslce cells created going to be more like our muscle before all of us started lifting? And you know how long it took us to develop what we already have. Sure, it may be like the beginning lifter who sees great results right away, but it will still take time for the new muscle to develop won’t it? I guess I’m just not all that positive about seeing much muscle growth in 60 days from this product. I’m willing to test drive it, but I still am not real thrilled of seeing something released with as little research as there is on it. There are an aweful lot of if’s still up in the air.

Lastly, a few people on the internet have been wondering why something like Myostat wouldn’t be capturing the interest of drug companies who could use such a compound to help critically ill patients with muscle wasting diseases. I would think something like this could save lives or at least pro-long lives if it is as powerful as thought.