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Myostat insanity thread

You bastards! beautifull beautifull bastards… told me everything I wanted to hear… I just ordered 2 bottles of the stuff… was so excited that got the wrong expiration date for the cc (browser rememmbered other CC exp number). Called up biotest and head a lot of background activity. Apparently I’m not alone… it begins…

I see I’m not the only one excited about Myostat! Man, I can’t wait to get my hands on this product and do some serious growing!!!

I feel like such a fool running to my wallet and rushing back to my computer to order. These are some marketing geniuses, I couldn’t hand them $140 fast enough.

Man, Im poor… I saved up my dough for three bottles of mag-10. Just came in today too. And now this Myostat dream came true just like that, shit T-mag is my genie in a bottle. Fuck I need more money, you lucky dawgs.

ya Big Dave, they already have 1/2 of the equasion figured out, what we want… plus these guys are similar to us in that regard, they know intimatly what we want. I really want this thing to pan out… imagine growing new muscle cells, then having them hypertrophy along with existing cells. I wonder if there is a genetic limit… or is it only time, training and nutrition? I can’t begin to imagine what the dedicated will be like in 10 years… 20 years… with the advances in technology, gods?

Damn, it’s here!! Anyone know the dosage ? I couldn’t find it on the Biotest ordering site. There was an allusion to 3 bottles being the proper amount of pills for 60 days. At 40 pills per bottle, that’s 120 pills, so 2 pills or 1000mg per day … ?

Anyone seen the bottle to see what it recommends? One every 12 hours, two in the morning, two at night, etc … ?

Damn, $70 per bottle… That’s three bottles for $140 (one free :wink: … The American Express card is going to be hurting this month…



I just got done watching UFC 36 and now I sign on to see this?!?! Overload, sensory f’n overload!

MBE: "Giddy as a T-fuled school girl since 2002."


I’m interested to know if while using this stuff you’re going to be able to feel any better of a pump or increased strength, or if you’ll just have to wait for 2 months to see new muscular growth and hope it pans out. Any thoughts

I have a little problem! I just purchased some supps and do not have enough cash to purchase Myostat & mag-10. DAME!!! Which one should I purchase first or should I just wait to get more money so I could take them together?


Can women use this product?

DAMN !!.. i read a little about this mystat project earlier this week, and didn’t think much about it, wanted to wait until it was released. but when i logged in this morning, there were tons of threads already about the release of it… i just happened to be listening to old school Metallica while reading the myostat product information on this site… such fitting music for an awesome sounding supplement… i have 13 weeks left of my cutting phase, and now i’m kinda wondering, since i’m cutting, would it make sence to get the ball rolling for that first initial 2-3 months with myostat while cutting ??..(i hope Bill, Chris, Brock and other supplement Gods would start responding to this forum regarding myostat… i would like to know what people have done it yet, and what type of effects it’s had)

Hello, Women should be able to use this product without a problem. Myostatin isn’t a hormone. It is a growth regulator possessed by males and females. I didn’t get anything from Tim P.'s articles indicating women couldn’t use it.

There shouldn’t be any difference between
men and women with Myostat. It has no androgenic qualities.

At this point it’s mostly guesswork as to when to best time Myostat use, if use is going to be targeted to particular times. My guess though is that there might be no chance of differentiation of satellite cells into mature muscle cells anyway while dieting. It’s possible that Myostat may be of particular benefit only during periods of more intense training and higher caloric intake (it’s also possible that this is wrong and there could be an ongoing benefit with average training and maintenance calories: it’s really not known yet.)