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Myostat help

I’ve got a couple of questions for you guys:

  1. Is myostat legal in Canada? If I purchase online will it be shipped north of the 49th?

  2. Having been doing some reading about it I can’t seem to see any negative side effects for women. My girlfriend is looking at taking it because she’s getting pretty close to her genetic ceiling without going after some sort of andro and we all know what happens then . . . Are there any side effect she should be aware of?



Of course Myostat is legal in Canada. Don’t order it from the stated because it’s too expensive. Every good online supp store sells it in Canada.

There are better options than Myostat if your looking for a mass builder. (No offense Tim)

Look into a double-dose of Methoxy. Much more dramatic changes.

I agree with poobhaya on this one. While myostat has not seen great results on this forum methoxy, especially at the double dose has proven to be very very effective. Talk to patricia about this…
1: she is a woman
2: she has taken double dose of methoxy
3:she is strong, very strong and also gives very good advice for women

As for your girl hitting her genetic ceiling I fell that this term is thrown around all too much. What are her stats(BF% Height, weight, etc)
The other option of course is she COULD take and andro and grow a telve inch clit, in which case you would have no problems finding it and she would be very happy. Think about it…
:slight_smile: Groove